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Update on in-person appointments

The Medical Centre is open in a limited capacity for in-person appointments. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and response to prioritize physical distancing and student and employee wellbeing, the Medical Centre will continue to offer virtual care and appointments are provided by telephone or video-conferencing. 

We require that you book an appointment to see the doctor. Call the Medical Centre at (416) 979-5070 to schedule an appointment. 

When booking an appointment, the receptionist will usually ask you what you need to see the doctor about. This information is required to determine and schedule the appropriate amount of time for you and the doctor. If you need a medical note please mention this to the receptionist when booking your appointment so that adequate time can be allotted.

You will be asked to fill out registration forms electronically prior to your appointment. These registration forms are required to book your appointment. 

Please arrive 10 minutes early to your first appointment at the Medical Centre. Remember to bring your Provincial Health Card (OHIP in Ontario), or UHIP card if you are an international student, as well as your One Card. 

Please note that due to COVID-19, we will not be able to accommodate any walk-in appointments. All appointments with the doctor will take place virtually, and if an in-person assessment is required, one will be arranged.

Often a minor problem such as a cold, sore throat or minor injury such as a sprained ankle may occur overnight.

There are a limited number of same day appointments available for these purposes. If you wish to schedule an appointment for an acute problem such as these it is best to call early in the day, as these appointments go quickly.

At your first appointment at the Medical Centre, you will be required to complete a number of registration forms, in order to register with our Service. The receptionist will forward all appropriate documentation, for completion, prior to your first scheduled appointment. Completion of these forms is needed in order to book your appointment.

Please bring:

  • Provincial Health Card (a valid unexpired OHIP card) or UHIP card if you are an international student
  • Toronto Metropolitan University OneCard

a) Short Appointment (<10 minutes):

A short appointment is appropriate for birth control refills, allergy injections, uncomplicated colds or bladder infections.  There will be time for one issue only. If you have other issues, you will need to book another appointment for it.  You can discuss with the doctor which issue is more urgent.

b) Intermediate Appointment (20 minutes):

An intermediate appointment is recommended for more complicated medical issues such as chest pain, headaches, starting or switching contraceptive medication, sexually transmitted diseases  etc.  If you have several issues to discuss you may need to schedule more than one appointment in order to allow for time to address each issue.  It is best to discuss this with the doctor to determine what type of appointments you will need.

c) Periodic Health Examination:

These visits require two separate appointments, each 20 minutes.  The first appointment is to review medical concerns, past medical history, immunization history and decide if any investigations need to be ordered.  The second appointment will involve a physical examination, review of results (if ordered) and Pap test for female patients if indicated by current guidelines.

d) Mental Health Appointment (20 - 50 minutes):

Mental health appointments are appropriate if you are feeling sad, stressed, anxious, or having difficulty coping with school, work, home or relationships.  The first appointment is 30-50 minutes in length and will focus on getting a better understanding of your situation, as well as screening for common mental health disorders.  Follow up appointments are 20 minutes in length and will review symptoms and treatment.

e)  Prescription renewal:  

We require an in-office visit, for medication renewals, so please call well in advance of running out of your medication. The physician may renew your prescription via fax if medically appropriate, and this is subject to a charge to patients (please see Policies section for fee).

Patients who do not attend appointments or show up late for appointments unfairly affect the opportunity for other patients to access services.

Appointments can be cancelled by leaving a voicemail at the Medical Centre number: 416-979-5070.  The voice mail is time-stamped and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

Patients will be charged under the following circumstances:

  • Cancelled appointments with a Family Physician where at least 24 hours notice of cancellation was not provided

  • Cancelled appointments with a Psychiatrist where at least 48 hours notice of cancellation was not provided

  • Appointments where the patient did not show up

  • Appointments where the patient arrived sufficiently late to the point where the physician is unable to provide an appropriate assessment.  

  • Fees for the cost of missed appointments will range from $35-$135 depending on the nature of the visit.

Please note that future appointments will not be scheduled and/or transcripts will be withheld at the end of each term for any outstanding fees. A full list of third party service fees can be found on our Policies webpage.

Please note that the Medical Centre only accepts payment in person or online.

  • Payment in Person: (debit or credit)
    Payment can be made at reception in Kerr Hall West KHW-181,  during regular business hours.
  • Payment Online: (credit only)
    You will receive an email with instructions. Please note a $4 processing fee will automatically be applied. 

For referring family physicians outside of the Medical Centre, please download the below form and fax it back to 416-979-5073. Incomplete forms will be returned and will delay the referral process.