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Infant Feeding Pod

An infant being bottle fed in a quiet space.

In response to student requests to provide dedicated space, the Office of the Vice-Provost, Students is excited to share an Infant Feeding Pod for students on campus with nursing children.

The pod is a stand-alone unit that you can access with a door access code. This is a dedicated space for safe and private infant feeding.

Where is the pod located? 

The pod is in the southwest corner on the fourth floor of the Student Learning Centre (SLC).

How can I request access to the pod?

Current TMU students and employees must complete the Infant Feeding Pod registration form to request access to the pod. A staff member will contact you to confirm access, and will also provide access to the complementary Infant Feeding Room space at the Daphne Cockwell Complex — DCC-655.

Things to know about using the pod

Personal items

The Infant Feeding Pod is a shared space with regular maintenance and cleaning. As such, no personal items or waste may be left in the pod, including any soiled diapers, diaper bags, breastfeeding pumps, bottles etc. Any items left in the pod will be removed and disposed of.

Pod usage

Parents or child-care providers who provide nutrition for infants in this room are asked to leave when finished and close the door behind them to ensure the space is secure.

Exterior of the Infant Feeding Pod by the window in the SLC. 

From academic support to family care, we’re all yours!