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Students chatting on campus

Who are we?

Health Promotion Programs (HPP) is committed to fostering wellbeing for all students by engaging in advocacy and promoting awareness and education in order to support prevention, empower students and boost resiliency. We see wellbeing as a way of living that positively influences how you care for yourself, others and your community.

HPP is currently rebuilding and working to launch new supports for students throughout the academic year.

We will:

  • Connect you to TMU staff, peers with lived experience, and other community members.
  • Provide evidence-based information and relevant resources to support all aspects of wellbeing
  • Help you develop strategies to enhance your current self-care practices and develop new ones to maintain your overall wellbeing


A university community that is fully committed and engaged in developing and sustaining supportive environments that foster health and academic success.


  • To be a catalyst for the Toronto Metropolitan University community to create its own healthy and supportive environment.
  • To be recognized and valued by students and staff as the unit that inspires and supports effective health promotion practice on campus.