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Health Insurance/Forms

OHIP, UHIP, or other Medical Plan

You will be asked to present your health card or UHIP card at every visit, if you do not have your card with you or it is no longer valid you may be required to pay for the visit.

Most visits to the Medical Centre are covered by your provincial health insurance plan, OHIP or equivalent - BC care card, MCP card etc. The Medical Centre also accepts the UHIP. If you are not covered by one of these insurance plans, you will be required to pay for the medical visit.

Some services such as massage therapy, are not covered under your provincial health care plan or UHIP. These services, which also include prescriptions, may be covered under the RSU Members' Health and Dental Plan (Green Shield Canada) or your parent's extended health care benefits plan. If you have any questions regarding the student health care plan, please contact the SU Members' Health and Dental Plan Office at 416-979-5255 ext. 2311, email at or go to Student Union (external link) .