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Yasmeen Alhamadin

Graphic and Web Design, Digital Marketing, Videography

Meghan Boisjoli

Research, critical theory, ethical frameworks

Harman Brar

Cognitive science, Web development, Art

Alexander Chan

Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography

E.Riley Cooper

Entrepreneurship, editing, and speechwriting

Shenghan Gao

Video Editing, Game Design and Digital Storytelling

Gianluca Gardiman

Graphic Design, Video Editing and Marketing

Morgan Gelinas

Videography, content creation, sports psychology, wearable technology

Teodora Grancharova

Photography, Graphic Design, Digital Content Creation

Emily Hall

Digital & Film Photography, Video editing, Art Direction & UX design

Robin Kang

Social Media Strategies for the Enterprise, Video Production, Public Health and Health Policies, Conference Planning, Online Education, eSports

Aadil Khan

User Experience Design

Ajith Kumar Balakrishna Pillai
Emily Le

Themed Entertainment, Immersive Design, Narrative Storytelling, Diversity and Inclusion

Kelvin Li

content creation, graphic design, branding, entrepreneurship, advertising, creative direction, user experience design, community management

Sarthak Marwaha

Interaction design, Media Production, Physical Computing

Roozbeh Moayyedian

AR/VR, Product Design, Digital Storytelling

Aline Nguyen

Graphic Design, Storytelling, Marketing

Jeremy Paquette

Audiovisual hardware and software configuration; live event production; theatre, musical performance, and dance production; programming software, games, and web applications;

Rebecca Petricevic

Digital literacy, Digital Inclusion, Digital Marketing, Grassroots Mobilization

Maeliss Usher

Branding & Graphic design

Eileen Xue

Multimedia Development, UX, Web Accessibility, Graphic Design and Web Development

Julian Yoo

Web design, Web development, Desktop publishing