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Asma Arslan

Digital Advertising

Nitish Bissonauth

Transmedia Storytelling

Anibal Bullon


Rebecka Calderwood

Interactive Storytelling

Nathan Christie

Web Publishing

Julene Chung

eHealth & Knowledge Translation

Steven Cober

Augmented Reality & Exhibition Design

Kimron Corion

Social Media Marketing, Digital Entrepreneurship & Transmedia Storytelling

Charlie Crabb

Creative Storytelling

Danielle Fraser

Web & Graphic Design

Nuria Gonzalez

User Experience & Accessibility

Umar Hashim

Brand Strategy & Digital Marketing

Andrew Hawling

Digital Marketing

Kristian Howald

Computer Animation

Hilary Julien

Developing Interactive Spaces

Kristian Kletke

Digital Strategy


Maryam Lary

Digital Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Social Media Management

Tihmily (Queenie) Li

Graphic Design, Interactive Stories, Video Editing

Soo Mahabir

Digital Narratives in Cultural Theatrical Productions


Kathryn McKenzie

Digital Storytelling

Bezayit Menker

Digital Education Strategies & Media Production

Nayeem Munier

Transmedia Storytelling


Angelique Paul



Ryan Perez

Brand & Graphic Communications

Amanda Powell

Interactive Experiences & UX Design

Kellie Ring

Digital and Social Media Marketing

Anastasiia Semenenko

Graphic and Communication Design

Sahar Shoja

Digital Strategy & Social Media Marketing, Technology

Winona So

Visual Communication and Print

Michael Stevenson

User Experience Design


Diane Stolte

Digital Marketing Management

Carly Sugar

Brand Strategy

Meaghan Taylor

Social Media Marketing

Ashley Tencer

Digital Entertainment Strategist

Peter Weir

Product Development

Qingxiao Yu

Digital Design