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Master of Digital Media participants come from diverse academic backgrounds, studying disciplines like art, design, digital marketing, cognitive science, television production, and computer science — to name a few. No matter where their interest in digital media lies, MDM students are all problem seekers and solvers. They use imagination and creativity to make digital products that will have a lasting impact. They’re bold, curious and entrepreneurial. Does this sound like you?

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Information Sessions & Appointments

Check out the events section for information about upcoming info sessions. We also meet with potential applicants on an individual basis. For those who are unable to attend due to travel or accessibility restrictions, we will schedule telephone calls by appointment. Please email to setup an appointment.

Application Dates

The MDM program offers multiple admission terms including Fall (September start) and Winter (January start).

We are accepting admission for Fall 2024:

- Domestic applications: OPEN
- International applications: Close March 31, 2024. 

The International deadline is set considering study permit application timelines, with the goal to avoid possible issues in admission due to student permit delays.

We encourage all applicants to apply sooner rather than later as we view applications on a rolling basis.

All application date statuses and first consideration dates will be updated through the Graduate Studies' webpage.

academic requirements

Completion of a 4-year honours degree or equivalent

Post-secondary education in the areas of engineering, business, multimedia, science, STEM, media production, graphics, fine arts, art history or design will be particularly useful

Minimum grade point average (GPA) or equivalent of 3.00/4.33 (B) in the last two years of study

Production experience is recommended, but not required

International Applicants

Not sure about your academic requirements such as 4-year honours degree equivalence or GPA (opens in new window) ? Visit the Admission Requirements (opens in new window)  webpage for international equivalencies and English language requirements. Contact the Graduate Admissions Office (opens in new window)  if you require further information regarding your eligibility. All academic requirements questions can only be answered through the Graduate Admissions Office.

non-academic requirements

In addition to the academic requirements, students will be asked to submit the following documents

Applicants must demonstrate that they have the necessary background to pursue intensive work in a production-oriented digital media program. A portfolio of your work will be required.

  • The portfolio should demonstrate your proficiency in your area of specialization or knowledge, whether your background is in business, creative or technical industries.
  • The portfolio may include but is not limited to: video, film, animation, photography, prototype, design, programming code or business planning.
  • The portfolio will need to feature a maximum of three examples of your best work.
  • The portfolio may be submitted in text, as a digital media product or a combination of both. PDF upload with links to externally hosted media is preferred.
  • Applicants from a business background should list projects they were involved with and must demonstrate a strong expertise in business.
  • Portfolio evaluation will be a critical component of the admissions process.
  • We do not provide portfolio examples to applicants.

Two academic or three professional reference letters or a combination of both are required.

If you have been working within the industry for more than two years, all letters can be industry-related references. If you are providing industry related references, three letters will be required.  It is your responsibility to contact the referee before providing their contact information on the online application form to confirm their availability.

Other program-specific background information such as a resumé/CV and Statement of Interest must be submitted as part of your online application.

The following are a few recommendations for the Statement of Interest:

  • Length: 2 pages
  • Area of interest in digital media
  • Business idea, if an applicant has one. It is fine if an applicant is unsure when applying to the program. It is also fine if an applicant is interested in the artistic aspect of digital media and not the entrepreneurial aspect
  • Goals or expectations upon completion of the MDM program

Interviews may be required. We will contact applicants who require an interview.  In cases where distance is prohibitive, the interview may be facilitated by other means such as Zoom, Skype or teleconference.