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Persevering through a global pandemic with a goal to expand the reach of justice

CBC | Listen to University of Northern British Columbia valedictorian Lila Mansour's interview with Carolina de Ryk about attending the Lincoln Alexander School of Law after graduation and her goals to fight racism and improve access to justice for marginalized communities.
June 29, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic changed things for everyone. Students, teachers and staff at universities in Canada and around the world had to adjust to bring academic plans successfully to fruition behind a screen in their homes. But it didn't change the determination that future lawyers from our law school have to become advocates for a legal system that works for everyone.

Lila Mansour will join the Lincoln Alexander School of Law this fall as part of the Class of 2024. In this interview with CBC's Carolina de Ryk, Lila shares her plans to use her legal education to strengthen government and institutions, and to support marginalized communities.

After this year of isolation and virtual education, she will go to our law school and plans to use her legal education to go into policy or politics further down the road. Listen to the full interview here (external link) .

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