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The Racial Justice Initiative at the Lincoln Alexander School of Law

While Canadians have long taken pride in embracing diversity and inclusion, we still face very real challenges including the persistence of inequity, racism, violence, and oppression in our communities and institutions. We continue to grapple with anti-Indigenous, Islamophobic, Antisemitic, anti-Black, anti-Asian and other forms of systemic discrimination.

At the Lincoln Alexander School of Law, we know it's imperative that we challenge the status quo and accelerate action to actively combat racism and discrimination in all its forms and expressions, including engaging in the hard work of disrupting and transforming our justice system.

The Racial Justice Initiative (RJI) will bring together a diverse range of voices with subject-matter expertise and lived experience, and encourage our students to critically examine the law’s role in both perpetuating and ameliorating racism and discrimination. At the same time, we work to drive legal reform, enabling a shift in culture and fundamental changes to processes and policies that perpetuate systemic racism. To achieve meaningful and lasting change, we must work together to defend human rights, uphold democratic principles, and build a more fair and equitable justice system – for all.