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Student Government & Clubs

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The Lincoln Alexander Law Students' Society (the "LSS") comprises students elected by their peers to represent the academic, social, and professional interests of all Lincoln Alexander Law students during their time in law school.

The LSS collaborates with students, faculty, and administration with the goal of ensuring that all students have the opportunity to have a rewarding law school experience. It does so through the work of the following committees:

  • The Social and Finance Committee plans on-campus (and virtual) events including the end of year law ball. It also assists in the formation of student clubs and associations, approves their funding, and promotes their activities and events. 

  • The Academic Committee consolidates student feedback and amplifies their voices on the Lincoln Alexander School of Law's Faculty Council and Curriculum Committee. It also provides resources and support to students to facilitate their academic and professional success.

  • The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Council is a forum for all equity-seeking student associations to discuss how values of EDI can be implemented, promoted, and fostered at the school. It is also responsible for identifying, reviewing and resolving issues affecting EDI at Lincoln Alexander Law.

To date, the LSS is proud to have approved over 30 clubs and associations that all contribute to the diverse tapestry of extracurricular activity at our school (browse the directory here (external link, opens in new window) ). Whether students are interested in a particular area of law, an equity-seeking group, or giving back to the community, there is ample opportunity to get involved at the Lincoln Alexander School of Law as a leader or member of a student organization. The LSS and its student organizations run annual elections in the Fall and Winter terms. Learn more about the LSS at (external link, opens in new window) .