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Mooting Program

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Lincoln Alexander School of Law’s Mooting and Lawyering Skills Program provides students with the opportunity to dive into a broad range of research, problem solving and oral advocacy skills that are invaluable within the legal profession.

First-Year Moots

Commencing in first year, students can compete in internal mooting competitions that will allow them to work through simulated and novel problems touching on ground-breaking legal issues of today.  These competitions enable students to build critical skills, work with practitioners in the field and collaborate closely with classmates.

All first year students are required to participate in a mandatory moot as part of their Legal Research and Writing class. Students will learn key advocacy skills in an instructional setting as they work through an evolving fact scenario over the course of their first semester.

Upper-Year Moots

Upper-year students can try out to represent the Lincoln Alexander School of Law at a number of external appellate moot court competitions. Participation in these appellate moot court competitions allow Lincoln Alexander Law students to compete against other Canadian and International law schools. Students who are selected to represent our school in this capacity receive supplement training in the areas of advocacy, legal drafting and legal research.

During the 2021 - 2022 academic year, Lincoln Alexander Law will be competing in the following competitive appellate moot court competitions: the Gale Cup Moot, the Harold G. Fox IP Moot, the Julius Alexander Isaac Moot, the Kawaskimhon National Aboringal Moot, the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot, and the Walsh Family Law Moot.

Lawyering Skills Program

Lincoln Alexander Law’s lawyering skills program provides students with the opportunity to experience and develop skills lawyers use outside of the courtroom, including negotiation and client counselling skills. These competitions promote a greater interest among law students in legal negotiation and provide a means for them to practice and improve their ability to understand and advocate for their clients’ needs.

First year and upper year students can participate in the Lincoln Alexander Cup, which is an internal negotiation competition. From there, students can go on to represent the school at the Canadian Client Consultation Competition, the Canadian National Negotiation Competition and the Walsh Family Law Negotiation.

We are proud to say that two first year students from our inaugural class were named as the winners and National Champions of the 2021 Canadian Client Consultation Competition!