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Current Students

Take advantage of the unique offerings available to you as part of The Creative School’s dynamic ecosystem

Transdisciplinary Opportunities 

Creative AI Hub

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The Creative AI Hub is a unique interdisciplinary centre dedicated to redefining the landscape of artificial intelligence and data science. They blend creativity, design innovation, and storytelling to unlock new dimensions in AI research and education. Through industry partnerships, AI curriculum development, and applied research, the Creative AI Hub is working to make AI accessible to students and faculty across disciplines, regardless of their background in coding or engineering. 

Red Bull Gaming Hub

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The Red Bull Gaming Hub offers a cutting-edge environment in the heart of a city already embracing massive growth in the video game and esports industries. The unique setup allows for research and instructional content and integrates interactive student engagement with a focus on supporting video game design, esports broadcasting, and virtual production.

Innovation Studio
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The Innovation Studio is a cross-disciplinary studio that is home to four creative incubators: Design Fabrication Zone, Fashion Zone, Music Den, and Transmedia Zone devoted to innovation in storytelling, music, design, fashion, and maker culture.

Those interested in an opportunity to grow their entrepreneurial, creative and professional skills outside the classroom can join the studio through one of three membership options to turn their creative ideas into startups. Students get to grow their networks, meet artists and creators, and receive mentorship throughout the stages of ideation, development, and production.

Design + Technology Lab

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The Design + Technology Lab is a 8,300 sq ft. research, education, and manufacturing workshop supporting technology-based research, curriculum, and entrepreneurship activities. The state-of-the-art facility disrupts and revolutionizes technology within the creative fields using digital fabrication, 3D printing, textile computing, AR/VR, and robotics.

The lab enables students to grow their technological skills through the use of cutting-edge, hands-on equipment. Students can access the lab directly for hands-on training and use of the equipment or through a myriad of technology-driven courses offered at The Creative School’s programs.


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The Catalyst is a large-scale space dedicated to scholarly, research, and creative (SRC) activities within The Creative School. It supports a vast scope of potential, emerging, and ongoing projects and brings people together to explore, innovate, and impact our world. It currently supports 17 labs and research centres in residence.

The Catalyst transforms ideas to success stories, with tailored guides, grants, and funding opportunities to support research and ignite innovative ideas.


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Saagajiwe is The Creative School’s home for participation, action, and research in Indigenous creative practice. Named after the Anishinaabec word for "the emerging light of dawn", Saagajiwe supports Indigenous creative expression, curriculum development, the preservation of Indigenous language, and the creation of safe spaces on campus. In 2022, Saagajiwe launched SIKOSE, an open source Indigenous knowledges encyclopedia. SIKOSE is a robust collection of audio, visual, textual, graphic, performance, and experiential learning resources focusing on Indigenous Studies.

Global Learning

Tap into exclusive, hands-on learning experiences both on campus and through unique partnerships with industries around the world. Whether it's an in-class collaborative project with an industry partner or a cross-continent experience in any of our international hubs, students at The Creative School are limited only by their imagination.

International Opportunities

At The Creative School, you have access to a diverse portfolio of international activities and learning opportunities. From semester abroad exchanges with 40+ international partners and short-term travel experiences across the continents to virtual collaboration and co-creation opportunities with students around the world, you can gain international experience and enhance your portfolio.

Student Resources

Student Success Centre

Located on the third floor of the Rogers Communication Centre (RCC), we help students navigate services across The Creative School and Toronto Met U. 

Discover what services are available and speak to our Success coordinator at any time.


The university has categorized your most common inquiries below to help point you in the right direction. From academics and tuition to accessibility and complaints of conduct — you can use this page as a gateway to connect with the services you need.

The Creative School Dean's List

Keziah Ruth Abling

Jone Aboitiz

Mays Abusaifan

Amy Acchione

Favour-Deborah Adamson

Katherine Adamson

Jessica Adelson

Malak Ahmed

Mia Albanese

Jack Anderson

Racquel Anderson

Mairin Armstrong

Lauren Awalt

Hadia Ayyam

Georgia Ball

Tori Barban

Gabriel Bautista

Halle Bayly

Isobel Behr

Andrea Benitez Barahona

Liora Benmergui

Jake Benuzzi

Joseph Berman

Spence Berman

Aimee Maxine Bernardo

Ria Bhalla

Delaney Blake

Sydney Boakye

Vincenza Boniface

Clarissa Boodram

Enza Borson

Jenevieve Bowerbank

Stephanie Brandes

Annalisa Brandmeier

Isabella Brandmeier

May Breithaupt

Lillian Brichon

Victoria Buchan

Imani Busby

Dominique Buttino

Paige Cameron

Nathaniel Campbell

Cameron Carolan

Della Cassettari

Kate Cha

Lucy Chan

Miwako Chang

Megan Cheung

Ka Ka Tiffany Cheung

Tanishqua Shine Cheyaden

Nihana Chowdhury

Zoe Chute-Johnston

Marisa Cirone

Sam Clarke

Isabella Colmenares Carrasquero

Colin Cook

Sarah Copnick

Lindsay Costa

Paige Deasley

Rachel Derbyshire

Federica Di Frassineto

Serena DiLaudo

Raya Duguay

Amelie Dunklee

Samantha Durrell

Nadia Duynstee

Olivia Dyas

Kaysi Dziver

Lucas England

Lara Isabelle Fajardo

Aya Farahat

Sukaina Fatima

Ricardo Felix

Matthew Ferraioli

Madison Filion

David Filippone

Paige Fitzpatrick

Kaitlyn Fletcher

Betty Foster

Cooper Foxall

Gloria Freire

Alyssa Gahtan

Polina Galina

Maya Gallo

Alina Gao

Juleah Garcia

Chanelle Gervais

Emily Gianakopoulos

Samantha Gilman

Rosalie Glass

Daniel Goldman

Jillian Gonzales

Audrey Grandinetti

Abigail Grant

Kasey Grewal

Valentina Grohovaz

Scott Guglielmi

Mary Guido

Deniz Gulsen

Isobel Gutierrez

Layla Gutmann

Chanel Hart Soares

Katie Harvey

Alexandra Harview

Samantha Hawes

Ciara Heath

Maria Allyanna Hernandez

Avery Hickman

Katia Hnatiuk

Rachael Hoad

Aysia Hoene

Mika Holzberg

Kailey Hong

Seulkee Hong

Joshua Hoven

Anita Hung

Arwa Hussain

Grace Hwang

Orly Hyman

Chiara Ierullo

Chloe Jackson

Sydnie Jacobs

Vienne Janssen

Malak Jawhari

Haley Jimenez

Mishalle Jogezai

Maravilha Jose

Hamza Kara

Vaughn Kelly

Kelly Kirk

Megan Konechny

Olivia Korbely

Brigitte Kostaszek

Melissa Lamanna

Dorothy Landers

Julia Landolfi

Jenna Larkin

Lauren Larsen

Gloria Lee

Christine Lee

Erica Lesser

Chen Li

Dan Ni Liu

Liann Lo

Gloria Luk

Laura Lupacchino

Alyssa Lutrin

Sik Lun Ma

Elisha Macht

Owen Macintyre

Ayah Mallah

Daria Mamontova

Sabrina Manni

Jack Mao

Laura Marconicchio

Juan Martinez Barrientos

Kaitlyn Martini

Selina Mazzone

Hannah McCauley

Cooper McCrory

Kaylee McCullough

Scott McKinnon

Morgan Mcmaster

Liana Mesrobi

Noelle Meyer

Giana Mikulik

Karisma Misreelal

Qing Wen Mo

Olivia Morgan

Sian Mykoo

Ryan Nachnani

Kaitlyn Nagy

Alissa Nardini

Janessa Natale

Katherena Ng

Amanda Noor

Jonathan O-Le

Hazuki Ono

Agatha Osita

Arianne Pacheco

Vasilia Papadakos

Viktoria Papastathopoulos

Edie Park

Amanda Parmigiano

Barira Patel

Yvonne Pateria

Vivien Paul Gierus

Meghan Petruk

Kar-Kei Poon

Julia Proietto

Megan Quan

Jessica Rabin

Rose Raha

Olivia Reale

Julie Reiken

Carly Richard

Lauryn Ricketts

Lauren Rizzo

Daniella Rodrigues

Patrick Romano

Brandon Ross

Amanda Routtenberg

Sydney Russo

Hoorain Safdar

Shanesia Saha

Aliyah Sahid

Isabella Salceda

Shaye-Love Salcedo

Gabrielle Samson

Hannah Samuel

Alyssa Sanborn

Rebecca Sandro

Giulianna Saucedo Brito

Micaela Schaefer

Rachel Scott

Brithi Sehra

Sabrina Sellitto

Brya Sheridan

Olivia Shin

Phoebe Shin

Grant Shivers

Stephanie Silva

Joshua Sin

Andrew Smith

Paige Smith

Alle Ann Sobrejuanite

Annika Streadwick

Erica Su

Sophia Sue

Cassandra Sukraj

Yun Chang Sun

Lia Swanson

Madeleine Sweenie

Omar Taleb

Vanessa Tan

Cadance Tan

Rebecca Tang

Gwynneth Tansey

Ezra Tennen

Christine Tewuh

Sofia Theofilaktidis

Catherine Thorne

Kayla Christine Torres

Sabrina Toste

Danielle Traa

Amy Tran

Duong Tran

Karena Trinh

Yat Long Justin Tsao

Bryan Tsoi

Benjamin Van Dine

Anker Vanderkuip

Alexandros Vena

Sofia Vescio

Han Vo

Ava Wagner

Amelia Wallace

Mackenzie Weir

Emily Whittome

Koko-Rochelle Willock

Jenna Witor

Daisy Woelfling

Taylor Woffenden

Olivia Wooding

Isabelle Wu

Ziling Xiong

Gabriella Yapp

Ava Young

Qicheng Zhao

Kevin Zielinski

Anna Zieska

Tala Al Abbasi

Shan Ali

Portia Alight

Sydney Almond

Brianna Antoniel

Chelsey Aquino

Joseph Arruejo

Klarisa Averina

Arshia Bahrami

Gabrielle Bartlett-Vaillancourt

Joana Bauman-Enriquez

Elizabeth Baxter

Juliette Bifolchi

Julia Bikbaeva

Janne Boecker

Megan Burkhart

Ellie Caissie

Gwyneth Carreira

Dax Chamot

Maia Charleston

Christie Chau

Caterina Chirvase Belecciu

Truc Uyen Chung

Aris Cinti

Hannah Clifton

Olivia Connick

Lauren Constantino

Rhea Cormier

Maya D'Orazio

Eric Dalby

Nhi Dao

Emily Dargie

Sahra Davaran

Tasha Davis

Tiana Defrancesco

Juliette Dejonge

Sophie Diego

Janique Douen

Sarah Durland

Oshon Eruotor

Mika Espinal

Jorja Evans

Jehna Faruqui

Ying Feng

Paula Fernandez

Kate Fitzpatrick

Aaliyah Gabriele

Elleanna Gasparevic

Julia Gerstein

Scarlett Gingera

Joseph Gleasure

Hyla Golden Del Castillo

Evan Grundmann

Wanning Guo

Katarzyna Halawa

Mikayla Hale

Olivia Hall

Emily Heese

Juwyriya Hersi

Claire Hoang

Rava Hoeller

Young Seo Hong

Gemma Hsiao

Simren Jaswani

Elizabeth Jenkins

Jung Yeon Ji

Anya Johnson

Fatema Kaderbhai

Avani Kalicharran

Katayoon Kani

Trish Kapilan

Ava Karleff

Chanel Khuu

Justin Kim

Gyuli Kim

Ji In Kim

Taina Koskela

Alexis Kostrzewa

Anusha Kuhanathan

Tysa Laidlow

Charlotte Lake

Janice Lam

Chaewon Lee

Lucy Lee

Isabella Lee

Camilla Leonelli Calzado

Serena Lestari

Hoi Tung Li

Shantine Li

Megan Li Lung Hok

Jingxuan Lin

Hanwen Liu

Jingfei Liu

Ainslee Lockhart

Kristi Low

Destiny Lowe

Ryan MacDonald

Olivia Madden

Pooja Mahadeo

Naa-Adei Marmon

Mahan Mazhari

Ashley McLucas

Daniella Mekadese

Emily Meyer

Kaylee Mikalauskas

Kamal Mirza

Lana Mladenovic

Rooja Moradalibeygi Langroudi

Ashanti Morgan

Sarah Muhugusa Murhimanya

Elysia Ng

Mai Nguyen

Que Nguyen

Aurora Nind

Adebayo Omole

Folakemi Oseni

Lauren Pagotto

Sarah Pasquini

Abigail Petranovic

Hai Nhi Pham

Erin Pool

Mia Portelance

Isabel Powers

Manely Ramezannia

Melissa Robinson

Itzel Rodriguez Herrera

Liam Roy

Daniele Ruddock

Chloe Russell

Amanda Ruth

Avairy Rybuck-Brulotte

Lily Sartison

Ella Sceviour

Clarissa Schüll

Amanda Shaw

Xiaoting Shen

Wen Shen

Kyle Shepherd

Priya Shiwram

Hannah Shope

Hanna Shorthouse

Jessy Simon

Mika Soetaert

Asha Somaiya

Siqi Song

Kenneth Song

Hannah Spencer-Thompson

Julia Spensley

Swetha Sutharsan

Gianluca Taffara

Rojin Taki

Stephanie Tarape

Zoe Tarsitano

Cohen Taylor

Evan Thacker

Gaia Togo

Ngoc Mai Phuong Tran

Sidney Tran

Leora Trefler

Breanna Tucker

Lillyanna Turmel

Alicia Unwin

Alisana Van Boxtel

Danielle Venchiarutti

Taya Volk

Shulin Wang

Christie Wang

Natalie Welsh

Lilli Wickham

Kelsey Williams

Elizabeth Wilson

Ellen Wong

Kelly Woo

Emma Wood

Jiayun Wu

Ai Lin Wu

Qingchuan Xu

Naya Yacoub

Yiyi Yang

Tian Yu

Niusha Zamanipour

Weijie Zhao

Umme Abiha

Timothy Aranas

Sasha Au Yong

Jiawen Bai

Samantha Benezra

Amy Benoit

Genevieve Bensason

Jessica Bonilla Flamenco

Angelica Cardenas

Diana Carnovale

Wilbert Chang

Yuxin Chen

Xue Xuan Chen

Mei Xi Chen

Anita Chen

Ashleigh Chivers

Melissa Chow

Sandra Constantinescu

Dawson Crocker

Jyoti Dadhich

Joanna Dai

Jasmine Dawdy

Reanna De Vera

Nicole Downey

Sophie Dreu

Amanda Edwards

Farah El-Gergawi

Hanna Elrayis

Melissa Figliola

Zahava Fortinsky

Nicole Galindo

Jayna Gandhi

Manya Ganju

Victoria Giang

Johanna Gibson

Shannon Gill

Carl David Glorioso

Gabriel Gonzalez

Georgia Graham

Evan Gupta

Tarin Haque

Amy Heisterberg

Aya Hilal Dakduk

Stephanie Ho Nguyen

Sarah Hobbs

Michelle Hou

Laura Hsiung

Andy Huang

Jessica Huynh

Precious Ilagan

Anabia Javaid

Yizhou Jiang

Brooke Johnson

Brooke Jones

Maryam Kakal

Isabel Kalovsky

Arushi Himanshu Kalra

Matthew Karton

Rebecca Karton

Sara Khan

Urooj Khan

Kelly Kienapple

Megan Knoblauch

Erica Knott-McMillan

Aanya Kumar

Michaela Kwan

Vanessa Lam

Ashley Larcombe

Jean Lee

Samantha Lee

Mya Leggo

Christopher Leinwand

Louisa Leung

Michelle Lin

Yi Jia Lin

Runqi Lu

Jiefeng Luo

Cecilia Ly

Cameron Mady

Ashan Mahendran

Katrin Manayev

Michaela Manchisi

Wei Mao

Zoeya Maqbool

Jaclyn Marco

Alyssa Mintzberg

Isabel Morales Leon

Sarib Nazir

Adam Nevins

Theron Ngai

Elianna Nghiem

Nguyen Quynh Anh Ngo

Michelle Ngo

Minh Ngoc Nguyen

Cindy Nguyen

Joseph Nguyen

Hailey Oliveros

Patricia Ouellette

Dong Pan

Fawzia Panchbhaya

Konstantin Panellas

Bhanukshi Pathirana

Emma Pereira

Anna Petrela

Thien Kim Pham

Amanda Phan

Michela Ponte

Danika Poon

Hayley Preboy

Tara Puri

Serena Quang

David Quattrociocchi

Darrab Qureshi

Sahand Sabzparvar

Dylan Sahid

Kaitlin Santos

Sarme Saseeharan

Breanna Schuler

Emma Scott

Sierra Seton

Uniba Shaikh

Sakina Shaikh

Ella Small

Joseph Tanel

Kennedy Thornton

Grace To

Lia Torre

Kim Tran

Kathy Tran

Claire Tran

Lucille Trepanier

Tammy Tsang

Vanessa Tsui

Danh Nhan Tu

Afrah Usman

Hasan Uzun

Samantha Villamor

Megan Vincent

Ke Wang

Finesse Warriner

Minrui Wen

Seoyoon Won

Evin Wong

Justin Woo

Ruth Workneh

Danny Wu

Wendy Yang

Melanie Yim

David Yu

Asia Zain

Maggie Zhong

Tina Zou

David Armata

Zaida-Joy Aurelius

Isaiah Bagni

Mariah Barlow

Sydney Beaton

Jessica Berger

Liliana Blioumenfeld Gulyasik

Merill Bobotis

Marissa Bondi

Mia Buono

Thomas Cappadocia

Genevieve Carrier

Seunga Chae

Maya Chariandy

Ishita Chatterjee

Madison Chow

Niko Angelo Chu

Ido Citrin

Molly Cobb

Veronica Commisso

Ollie Coombs

Grace Csizmadia

Morgan Curtis

Joshua Dargie

Lucas Del Grande

Isabella Della Penna

Yeshni Dhunnoo

Chloe Di Salle

Luke Donovan

Jacob Duck

Dylan Duff

Lauren Eden

Shay Elbaum

Vanessa Eusebio

Mehgan Fahmy

Aniyah Faisal

Lucia Fella Pellegrino

Ema Fernandes

Renee Foy

Zoe Fraser

Patrick French

Elliott Frith

Mia Gidge

Chloe Gordon

Stella Guernsey

Diana Gumbs

Lauren Halsted

Elizabeth Han

Fraser Hannay

Sidney Haqq

Alejandra Harrison

Jordan Harvey

Kennedy Headon

Maya Ho

Julia Hogg

Julianna Ilyes

Shakti Iyer

Keefe Jassoy

Marcel Jean-Gilles

Vivien Jin

Allison Kaschuk

Peyton Keeler-Cox

Anika Kew Brandstetter

Sean Kim

Julia Lalonde

Olivia Lauricella

Victoria Learn

Aidan Lesser

Queena Liu

Matthew Livingstone

Vanessa Lopez-Vanegas

Marie Meltvedt Lyseggen

Emily MacDonald

William Mackeigan

Sophia Markelj

James Marshall

Brett Martin

Emilia Maynard

Declan McKenna

Aiden Milroy

Danial Mirza

Isha Misra

Andrew Moreno

Leah Mosier-Farquharson

Peyton Mott

Lynn Naluyima

Isaac Oxley

Zoe Papak

Tanvi Parikh

Emma Pascu

Jonathan Pasqua

Mackenzie Paul

Ava Pearson

William Peng

Celestia Peritore

Hanna Peters

Rachel Poltrok

Tafyra Poyser

Olivia Quinn

Alessia Racco

Ariel Ravitz

Logan Rayment

Aidan Rhody

Gabriella Rigakos

Cullen Ritchie

Kenna Robinson

Shayna Ross-Kelly

Brianna Russell

Daniela Sadun

Stephanie Sakaki

Michael Schwinghamer

Chloe Shia

Janelle Sinclair

Justin Tan

Maya Trudeau

John Tsatsos

Angela Turchet

Charlotte Turner

Natalia Urquiza Garcia

Brianna Ursino

Hannah Wayland

Anthony Wegner

Xavier Wehrli

Maryn Western

Chelsea Williams

Spencer Wither

Wilhelm Wolf

Lucas Wurstlin

Joy Xing

Laurie Yeh

Madeleine Yorke Gambhir

Tim Hyun Min Yun

Madeleine Yung

Victoria Zubiri

Emma Zuck

Sana Abbas

Sarah Mohamed Hisham Abdelaal

Dana Abouloghod

Juliana Adamo

Nader Al-Fahad

Lina Anacleto

Romina Badiei

Olivia Bailey

Mahdi Bashash

Victoria Bender

Amanda Benudiz

Mark Joseph Borillo

Isabella Bos

Logan Boucher

Caitlin Boyes

Abigail Brown

Colin Cameron

Chiara Marie Capistrano

Nicolas Castiblanco Bonilla

Dilara Cengiz

Olivia Condo

Roxana Cordon-Ibanez

Takako Daros

Frederique De Raucourt

Balreet Dhatt

Cameron Claire Doak

Zepherine Dollinger

Daniela Fazari

Alexis Gawlina

Peyton Greaves

Trinity Griese

Sofia Grisales

Natalie Haniff

Nathan Har

Brynn Hattle

Magaly Hernandez

Allison Ho

Claire Hoilett

Shayna Hutchinson

Hafsa Imran

Nyashia James

Magnolia Keigan

Noor Khawaja

Cherie Kim

Jihyuk Kim

Hayden Kralik

Jacqueline Lai

Adrianna Lee

Michelle Lee

Sooyun Lee

Chenqiran Lei

Xinjian Li

Patty Lin

Xuan Er Liu

Yi Liu

Raven Lucas

Mariah Lykos

Brianna Macarthur

Lauren MacDonald

Lisa Mariacher

Nicole Matte

Margaret McKirdy

Sophia McMullan

Maegan Mehler

Juliana Mendes

Sana Nasir

Michelle Ng

Victoria Nip

Olivia Ows

Sun-Woo Park

Mia Pearce

Emma Penka

Joelle Poitras

Cassandra Poon

Sophia Porco

Dominika Praszner

Carol Qiang

Kiran Qureishi

Rabia Rashid

Eira Roberts

Grace-Lynne Robertson

Alexandra Ruetz

Kelsey Sassi

Aleena Shahid

Kayley Shin

Alexandra Sipsis

Ainsley Smith

Nataliya Sokolovskaya

Brynn Tauro

Gregory Tomini-Toal

Muhammad Bin Usman

Ngoc Bao Ngan Vu

Sinhong Wang

Frances Werner

Anna Willier

Maya Willson

Quianna Woolner

Pei-Chieh Wu

Michelle Xu

Ruizhuo Yan

Iris Yeh

Chung Kwan Yeung

Natalie Yuen

Karma Zaid Alkilani

Max Zandboer

Carolina Zhang Cen

Jian Peng Zhao

Jiajing Zhou

Ivy Zou

Natalia Zuchniak

Zaina Abd Elrazek

Ayshat Abdurzakova

Haala Ahmed

Charlize Alcaraz

Kyana Alvarez

Cassandra Argao

Hssena Arjmand

Rachel Aversa

Gavin Axelrod

Farkhounda Azizullah

Brianna Bailey

Samira Balsara

Madeline Bates

Jisele Bayley-Hay

Racine Bebamikawe

Olga Bergmans

Aneesa Bhanji

Nathan Bharatt

Apurva Bhat

Madeline Bonavota

Brittany Boston

Daniel Carrero

Trevor Carter

Leonor Carvalhal Dias

Joseph Casciaro

Joshua Chang

Sakina Chaudary

Ivan Chen

Molly Cone

Kristian Cuaresma

Meghan Decan

Sydney Di Brina

Emily Di Natale

Edward Djan

Rebecca Draper

Samuel Dubiner

Sierra Edwards

Diora Erskine

Blaize Exeter

Kirsten Fee

Marguerite Feldbloom

Clesha-Rosemary Felicien

Samuel Fleming

Rowan Flood-Dick

Christina Flores-Chan

Kayla Fonte

Hailey Ford

Mitchell Fox

Anna-Giselle Funes-Eng

Raghad Genina

Lynette George

Kayla Gershov

Julia Gianfelice

Theodora Gribilas

Sarah Grishpul

Olivia Harbin

Diane Hatheway

Grace Henkel

Chloe Herbert-Ballantyne

Gabriel Hilty

Yezua Ho

Naomi Hoedemaker-Purvis

Alexandra Holyk

Seyedeh Mana Hosseini Mousa

Abigail Hughes

Ilyas Hussein

Jodie Huynh

Aria Ipe

Isabella Iula

Anna Ivantchenko

Joshua Jackson

Alina Jaffer

Paige Janssens

Kate Jones

Oluwatomilola Joseph-Raji

Zaid Kaddoura

Ayleen Karamat

Arundhati Kaul

Rougine Kazemi

Robyn Kotorynski

Lyle Kruger

Madeline Kwan-Chiarelli

Edward Lander

Sek Yee Sena Law

Nathaniel Lawlor

Gabrielle Laws

Moyosoluwa Lawuyi

Chih-Lun Liao

Nicole Lim

Yongqi Lin

Anthony Lippa-Hardy

Daniella Lopez

Jake MacAndrew

Atiya Malik

Raiyana Malik

Yingyue Mao

Adelina Marcil-Iannuzzi

Scott Martin

Rachel McGarr

Amanda McGee

Gabrielle McMann

Zhoneesa McRae-McNicholls

Sahara Mehdi

Kareem Mekla

Ella Miller

Anna Maria Moubayed

Poline Nasri

Melanie Nava Urribarri

Hania Noor

Abbie North

Soofia Omari

Vanessa Pellegrini

Julia Petrucci

Natasha Pinto

Thomas Publow

Arfa Rana

Amber Ranson

Syeda Raza

Nia Reid

Danielle Reid

Emilie Richardson-Dupuis

Savannah Ridley

Talia Saley

Lauren Sator

Abbigail Saunders

Julia Sawicki

Kendra Seguin

Haley Sengsavanh

Aisha Shabeese

Mathieu Sheridan

Gabriela Silva Ponte

Heaven Silver

Amelia Singh

Alina Snisarenko

Yutang Song

Nicole Soroka

Darya Soufian

Lauren Stallone

Joelle Staropoli

Henry Stoner

Shaki Sutharsan

Laviza Syed

Caleb Szakacs

Jeremy Tan

Youdon Tenzin

Noel Tesfa

Vanessa Tiberio

Nalyn Tindall

Sarah Tomlinson

Julia Tramontin

Vincent Tran

Teresa Valenton

Khushy Vashisht

Natalie Vilkoff

Nikolas Viveiros

John Vo

Tyrese Wedderburn

Jaden Whitelaw

Tess Wiens

Sophia Wojdak

Madelaine Woo

Wendy Wu

Lois Yoo

Azalea Young

Ruth Young

Seijin Yu

Hadar Zaidman

Katarina Zeni

Emily Zhang

Olivia Zhong

Beatrix Aalbers-Davey

Skye Anderson

Julianna Angheloni

Demetrios Apostolopoulos

Gisele Ardosa-Morinaj

Taryn Baird

Alayna Battaglini

Kaelene Louise Bautista

Ella Berger

Winnifred Blair

Manon Bourgeois

Jaelynn Brooks

Lauren Brown

Genevieve Brown

Daniella Browne

Claudia Chiodo

Aerin Cho

Kate Chubbs

Jeffrey Clement

Andrew Clifton

El D'Almada

Jadi Darawi

Avery De Gouveia

Meaghan Desmond

Makela Dew

Sarah Dewdney

Brenda Diep

Kiera Doerksen Smith

Sophia Donais

Hannah Dulong

Katelyn Elia

Remy Feldbruegge

Carina Fung

Meredith Gaston

Yosef-Yitzchak Glogauer

Alexis Goossens

Griffen Grice

Christopher Gwynne-Thompson

Thea Hesler

Emily Hodgins

Lydia Hon

Clara Isgro

Nikaya Jageshar

Nika Jalali

Vienna Johnson

Nora Johnson

Arjun Kalra

Naomi Kaplan

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Dora Catanoiu

Rylee Cawthorne

Erin Cayer

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Sofiya Dalati

Aimee Dalla Rosa

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Evan Davis

Matthew Davison

Danny Dawood

Joshua Day

Tyler Dayno

Nichlas De Cicco

Sara De Ledesma

Beatriz De Oliveira Amad

Liya De Souza

Annika De Witte

Anika Debroy

Isabella Dela Gana

Robert Della Rossa

Alessandra di Frassineto

Brianna Di Mascio

Ethan Diep

Chenyang Ding

Zoe Directo

Lucas Dirienzo

Casey Dobson

Kelvin Doe

Evan Doerfler

Georgia Dogantzis

Samuel Donsig

Samantha Dubeau

Matthew Duizer

Irene Dusenge

Morgan Eastwood

Rhaia Egleston

Caitlin Ehlenz

Rania Elhilali

Rina Elias

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Aneeqa Faisal

Aidan Falkenberg

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Nikash Ganguli

Canran Gao

Jessalyn George

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Sarah Gibbs

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Sarra Gillani

Caitlin Gillespie

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Amanda Goldstein

Elijah Andrew Gonzales

Ayla Goodrow

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Magdalena Grammenopoulos

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Gabriela Greco

Shaan Grewal

Alessia Grisolia

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Mikayla Guarasci

Tania Habib

Deniz Haciyusufoglu

Kaillie Hall

Camden Hampe

Madeline Hanitijo

Blakley Hanlin

Claudie Harvey

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Rebecca Kraft

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Geumjeong Kwon

Elisa La Moglie

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Deirdre Lai

Komal Lally

Tiffany Lau

Erin Law

Hailey Law Fauchere

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Seohyun Lee

Eunju Lee

Yungha Lee

Bianca Lefebvre

Dylan Lehto

Bojana Lelas

Chloe Leon

Chap Yu Leung

Ashley Levins

Alyssa Liang

Lia Liederman

Shayli Liederman

Kelsey Liem

Chin Tat Lim

Emily Lindgreen

Kanghui Liu

Vivian Liu

Yingying Liu

Zihe Liu

Hung-Chi Liu

Alessia Lomuto

Alfrancis Losa

Michael Louvado

Sam Loveys

Wanyun Luo

Carly Luukkonen

Sarah Ly

Siying Ma

Michelle Ma

Jenna Macchione

Jack Maccool

Marlee Machado

Liam Mackenzie

Tatem Mackey

Caroline Majcher

Matthew Makkar

Juliana Malcolm

Lexine Maleki

Marc Malig

Jolina Mangilaya

Razan Marachli

Jaelin Marano

Aimee Marciniak

Alice Marin

Alessia Marinelli

Zachary Marra

Marissa Martell

Maya Martelluzzi

Anjaleigh Massiah

Cassandra Matchett

Nicole Matias Rayner

Kassidy Mattera

Noelani Maynard

Nicholas McAllister

Hayley Mcauley

Brooke McCarthy

Karensa McCarthy

Liam McDonald

Madeleine McGowan

Laura McGrath

Ryan McMahon

Wyatt McNeil

Nandini Mehta

Rian Mehta

Kiera Meinert

Aleksander Meiusi

Andrew Melo

Alexis Merekoulias

Ryan Mesbahi Yazdi

Jacob Michaud

Lily Mifsud

Spencer Miller

Jailen Modi

Maryam Mohamed

Faatimah Moosuddee

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Jack Morrissey

Lucas Moscati

Alex Mousavi

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Emma Mulvey

Rosalynn Mutheardy

Kavya Nair

Kaden Nanji

Michael Nardi

Emalita Natividad

Thomas Nedanis

Melanie Ng

Richelle Nguyen

Brandon-Huy Nguyen

Chau Nguyen

Madeleine Nigro

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Ayah Noor

Rowan O'Hagan

Spencer Oakes

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Matthew Oliveira

Nevan Oliveira

Xavier Oshinowo

Selen Özpolat

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Cole Pinsky

Sabrina Pontello

Sia Prasad

Delia Prebianca-Upson

Sarah Previte

Carson Proctor

Thomas Purdy

Eemaan Qadri

Mila Radojevic

Abigayle Raghubir

Ruqayah Rahaman

Myra Rahim

Jimmy Sherwant Rai

Alexa Ramprashad

Nicholas Rankin

Nicholas Raseta

Monaym Rashad

Rachel Raymond

Qasim Remtulla

Marc Rende

Erika Reynolds

Valentina Richarz

Sheridan Riggillo

Maya Rikhi

Jhasna Rivas Vasquez

Ian Robertson

Astrud Robichaud

Brianna Roett

Joseph Rogers

Karlie Rogers

Emily Rome

Isabelle Rossi

Sophia Roy

Nicola Ruggles

Matteo Ruiz

Euan Russell

Mario Russo

Isabella Rutenberg

Evan Sagman

Drake Sanderson

Gurnoor Sandhu

Sierra Sanz

Daniela Savino

Darragh Sawyer

Taylor Scally

Charles Schmiedchen

Darian Schumacher

Grace Scoffield

Colin Seaforth

Brennan Seedhouse Robinson

Ayanna Seesahai

Cindie Sequeira

Feride Sertkan

Sofia Shahbaz Zadeh

Jack Shanlin

Alvin Shen

Josetta Shum

Emily Simonetta

Allicea Sivanesan

Kirby Sloan

Megan Smalley

Charlie Smith

Maya Smith

Asha Smith

Matthew Smith

Sarah Snow

Eshan Sobti

Alexander Sorichetti

Lucas Spadzinski

Adam Spizzirri

Ruchi Srivastava

Olivia Stecina

Jake Stendel

Jada Stevenson-Ladouceur

Colleen Stock

Joshua Storm

Eric Struk

Cristian Sturino

Sarah Sun

Grace Sun

Alexandria Sutton

Christopher Svab

Nicole Szweras

Seerhana Tarannum

Benjamin Tedesco

Danesh Teluckdharry

Joshua Theodor

Haylee Thompson

Genevieve Denise Ti

Samantha Audrey Ti

Samantha Tinajero-Alvarado

Emma Tomlinson

Paloma Torres

Assal Toudehfallah

Marie-Noel Trussart

Joseph Turco

Natalie Turcotte

William Turgeon

Siya Vallabh

Christopher Vasilakos

Lydia Venema

Elisa Verrilli

Max Von Schilling

Jessica Walker

Jadelyn Wang

Ruoxue Wang

Sydney Waters

Alexandra Watson

Alexander Wauthy

Mackenzie Wayland

Julianna Webb

Samuel Weinberg

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Ayanna West

Benjamin Westheimer

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Penelope Wilker

Grace Wilker

Matthew Wiseman

Isabella Witherell

Hannah Withers

Brianna Wong

Crystal Wong

Avery Woods

Dagmawit Worku

Henry Wright

Sophia Xavier Lee

Chuyu Xue

Erica Yabut

Ailey Yamamoto

Faye Yang

Lucas Yang

Sophia Yarosh

Zoe Ye

Jasmine Yen

Yifan Yin

Hwanjoe Yu

May Yu

Jessica Zado

Ellie Zapata-Acosta

Sonia Zhang

Lingtong Zhao

Ke Ying Zhou