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Mentorship program

Being a Peer Mentor

Become A Program Ambassador 

The transition to university life can be hard. As a student who has been through it, you have valuable knowledge and expertise in how to navigate your creative ecosystem. Share your experience by becoming a mentor and help guide an incoming first-year student on their path to success.  

The peer mentorship program is open to all current first and second-year The Creative School students. 

Top 3 Reasons To Be A Mentor

1. Build Your Leadership Skills
This is an opportunity to put your leadership skills to the test. Your relationship building, problem-solving, and dependability skills will help your mentee navigate their first year. It also looks great on your resume.

2. Help Build Community in Your Program
Be the first person they know in the program. Now more than ever incoming students will need a sense of community and your guidance on how to engage and thrive will show your mentee that your program is a welcoming, supportive learning environment. 

3.  Make an Impact
Your mentee will think you are a genius, look up to you and trust you. Being a peer mentor is a chance for you to help make a lasting impression by creating a positive foundation for your mentee's university experience. 

Career Mentorship

Find An Industry Mentor

Building connections in our creative fields has never been more important. The Creative School is fortunate to have an incredible network of industry professionals who are ready to help students understand life after graduation. Having an industry professional that inspires you and shares your passion can help on your path to building your professional career. 

The career mentorship program is open to all current second and third-year The Creative School students. 

Top 3 Reasons To Find A Mentor

1. Build Your Network
This is an opportunity to develop your networking skills and have your first industry professional as a friend on LinkedIn. Mentors often take the time to listen and introduce you to other experienced professionals in your interested field.

2. Gain Industry Insights
Receive guidance, advice, and insights on how to use your skills to break into the job market. Use their knowledge and expertise to help you build a stronger understanding of current trends and practices to set you apart.

3.  Be Challenged
Your mentor is someone who is willing to give us their time to help you. They will challenge you to think about the field you are entering and will encourage you to push yourself to help you achieve your dreams.