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Student Success Centre Events

March 28 from 12PM to 2PM
at The Deans Office (RCC320)

A cozy Fireside Chat is just the thing this winter period needs - featuring Dean Charles Falzon, drop in for some free food, and a chat! Find out about what The Creative School has in store for students, ask any questions, voice your concerns, or simply have a conversation with fellow students and the dean.

Career Week 2023  (opens in new window) 

Careers Week 2023 is a week of events and programming for students to kickstart their professional careers. Industry professionals will be available at events and students will have opportunities to network. Be sure to check out the many events happening around campus from Tuesday, January 31st, until Thursday, February 16th. 

Learn more about the industry professionals and employers at each event, and RSVP by visiting the event pages below:

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Wellness Week 2023 at The Creative School will be full of workshops,and activities focusing on student wellness through in-person events. From individual Course Union events to Student Learning Support and Counseling services- Wellness Week aims to assist students in practicing healthy habits to start off the new year and semester. There will be both physical and mental health workshops and events offered, with many prizes to be won. Be sure to check out the many events happening around campus from Monday, January 23rd, until Friday, January 27th. 


Annual Events

The Student Success Centre at The Creative School (opens in new window)  runs various social, academic, and professional events every year. Below the week-long events that we run every year are listed:

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Orientation Week

A week of social and academic events to welcome first year students to the university. Don't miss out on the first great experience of your undergrad!

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Student Success Week

Held every September, this week-long series of events aims to provide students with the tools and skills needed to succeed in university.

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Wellness Week

Wellness Week typically occurs at the end of January each year, and is a week-long series of events that aim to support student wellbeing. From yoga to counsellor-run sessions to socials.

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Careers Week

Typically held in March, this week focuses on getting students ready to enter the job market, find internships, and make industry connections.

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Method Minutes

(Graduate students only)

The following events are dedicated to supporting the success of graduate students. Method Minutes is an overview of workshops, events and self-guided research studies to help you navigate resources to support your learning experience.

Select one or two events in the themes that most interest you or take them all. Those who complete 3 or more in the Research Methods category will be eligible to apply for a limited number of paid Research Assistant positions. 

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