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First Year Science

Faculty of Science, first year science students working on experiment in lab.
Welcome to your first year

As a new undergraduate in the Faculty of Science, there’s lots to learn and to get used to. You may have already chosen a particular academic program, but during this initial year, First Year Science will be your home department.* We’re here to help you make a successful transition into university life.

*NOTE: The only exception is the Department of Computer Science. If you’re a first-year computer science student, the Computer Science Department can answer your questions and provide support. 

You can reach First Year Science office for more information. You can also find a list of contacts for your department.  

First Year Services

During your first year, the First Year Science office will communicate regularly with you through various methods. You can also turn to us anytime you have questions or need support on the following;

  • Important dates, deadlines and announcements
  • Enrolment, course selection and intentions
  • Transfer credits, course exceptions
  • Academic advice
  • Curriculum information: program requirements, liberal offerings, minors, etc
  • Midterm intervention for at-risk academic performance
  • Probationary and Required to Withdraw (RTW) Standings
  • Toronto Met policies, services and resources

Program Prerequisite Tables

The prerequisite tables are flowcharts showing how courses relate to each other and in which order to take them.

Workshops for Incoming Students

Even before the school year starts, our Step Ahead program helps new undergraduates prepare for university studies. These workshops help you review or relearn some of the fundamental concepts you’ll encounter in your first-year courses.

When: Offered in late summer
Who Can Attend: Students who have been out of high school for a while, need a refresher, or lack a certain high school subject that will be useful for your chosen program.
Format: A mixture of online and in-class resources

Transition Program

If you drop or fail a course during first year, the Transition Program lets you repeat the course and transition to second year with the required prerequisites in place.

These courses are offered twice per year. You are allowed to take or repeat First Year Science courses through the day school (as opposed to the Chang School). During Spring transition, we recommend that students take only one or two of these courses at a time. Course are offered in condensed format over 6 weeks instead of 12.  Delivery is intense, and the workload is doubled compared to Fall and Winter terms.

Transition courses are not available through Course Intentions, but only through direct enrollment during Priority and Open Enrollment at the start of the semester.

Contact the First Year Science Office for general inquiries and more information.

Significant Day Dates
Open Enrollment May 4 - 19, 2023
First Day of Spring Classes   May 15, 2023
Final Date to Add or Swap a Course May 19, 2023
Final Date to drop course(s) with full refund   May 19, 2023
Final Date for full fees payment   May 19, 2023
University Closed for Victoria Day   May 22, 2023
Final Date to drop course(s) with 50% refund   May 26, 2023
Final Date to drop course(s) without refund   June 16, 2023
Final day of classes   June 26, 2023
Spring Final Examination Period   June 27 - 30, 2023
University Closed for Canada Day July 1, 2022
Grades Due   July 6, 2023 at 2 pm
Grades posted on MyServiceHub   July 10, 2023
Final date to submit an appeal for Spring grades   July 21, 2023
Fall   Winter   Spring  
Regular Transition Regular Transition
BLG 143 BLG 143    
    BLG 144 BLG 144
CHY 103 CHY 103    
    CHY 113 CHY 113
CPS 109 CPS 109    
CPS 118
    MTH 108 MTH 108
MTH 110 MTH 110    
MTH 131 MTH 131    
    MTH 210  
MTH 207   MTH 207  
    MTH 231 MTH 231
    MTH 310 MTH 310
PCS 120 PCS 120    
    PCS 130 PCS 130

Enrollment is always via MyServiceHub via the platform. For technical support and a step-by-step enrolment guide, visit the MyServiceHub Support website.

Once in the systems, fill your Shopping Cart with classes you want to enrol in. Take the following steps to build your class schedule:

  1. Search for classes offered in your program
  2. Add them to your Shopping Cart
  3. Check that class pre-requisites and the schedule fit your needs. This is the validation step.
  4. If a class does not fit your schedule or you have not met the requisites, select another class and continue until all selected classes validate.
  5. Once you have successfully built your class schedule, proceed to enrol in these classes.  

For fee information, visit the Office of the Registrar.  

The Student Learning Support centre provides services and programs to help you succeed academically. Access tutoring, guides/tools, videos and workshops on skills such as writing, math and study strategies. Visit the Student Learning Support website to browse available services.

The centre also hosts supported learning groups (SLG). These drop-in groups are led by upper-year student facilitators, and feature discussions on specific courses. Check out  (google doc) SLG schedules (external link) .

   341 Yonge St, 4th floor (corner of Yonge and Gould Street)
   416-598-5978
  Email

Some science courses are offered through The Chang School for Continuing Education. Deadlines for these courses are different from those of the Science Transition program and OSMS.

Please refer to the Chang School website for continuing education deadlines

Find a Peer Mentor

Get peer-level help to navigate your first year. Ask anything and an upper-year science student can guide you — from questions about your program and swapping courses to getting around campus and the best places to eat. Mentors are available starting from summer before you begin first year. Check out this year's Faculty of Science mentors.