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Student Project Grants

Do you need financial support to get your project up and running? The Faculty of Science Student Project Grants provide financial support for student-initiated extra-curricular projects and activities that promote experiential learning and student engagement. Applications are accepted throughout the year, including the summer term.

Eligibility: You are eligible to apply if you meet all of the following conditions:

  • Registered in an undergraduate degree program in the Faculty of Science;
  • Clear academic standing; and
  • Registered in at least 3 courses during the semester during which the project takes place (An exception exists for projects that occur during the summertime: students are not required to be concurrently enrolled in three courses in such cases. But in all cases, students must not have completed all their degree requirements before the project occurs).

Students working on a group project are encouraged to submit a single group application. In such cases, the application form must be filled out by at least two co-applicants, each of whom meets the three conditions above.

Level of Funding: Normally, each application (whether from a group or an individual) may request no more than $850 per academic year. Projects may be awarded the full amount requested, a partial amount, or no funds. Normally, applicants may apply for only one Student Project Grant per deadline date.

Application Deadline: Applications will be accepted by the following deadlines for activities taking place during the following respective periods.

Deadline to submit application For activities taking place in the following periods
At 12:00pm of the First Day that Fall semester classes start* 1st October to January 31
At 12:00pm of the First Day that Winter semester classes start*
1st February to May 31 
At 12:00pm of the First Day that Spring semester classes start*
1st June to September 30
*Contact Pamela Wettlaufer if you have missed the deadline but want to see whether it’s still possible to submit an application.

To find out more information about the application process and requirements, please contact:

Pamela Wettlaufer
Manager, Student Relations & Development

416-979-5000 Ext. 553139