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Faculty of Science 2023 Award Recipients

The Faculty of Science is proud to have faculty and staff members who exemplify excellence at Toronto Metropolitan University. Congratulations to this year’s award recipients for their exceptional contributions in teaching, research, leadership, and service.  

Collaborative Research Award

Dr. Michael Kolios

Dr. Michael Kolios, Faculty of Science Department of Physics

Dr. Kolios is a distinguished research scholar who contributed to the understanding of how nanobubbles interact with ultrasound, co-leading a multidisciplinary and multi-institutional team with Dr. Agata Exner from Case Western Reserve University. Their 6-year collaboration helped solve the mystery of how nanobubbles can be used as ultrasound contrast agents and has led to new applications in ultrasound imaging and therapy being tested in hospitals in Canada and the USA. This joint work has led to 15 journal publications, several grants funded by NSERC, the CIHR and the NIH, and contributed to the training of over 30 highly qualified personnel.

Early Research Career Excellence Award

Dr. Stefania Impellizzeri, Department of Chemistry & Biology

Dr. Stefania Impellizzeri is an expert in contemporary physical organic and materials chemistry. Her research focus is designing new micro- and nano-structures for applications in catalysis, clean energy, optical storage, and bioimaging. She is the recipient of the 2021 Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics Emerging Investigator Lectureship of the Royal Society of Chemistry (UK) and the Canadian National Committee for the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry Award. She is a member of the Board of Directors of Nano Ontario. In 2022, she was appointed as the Jet Ice Research Chair in Sustainable Materials Chemistry.

Dean’s Scholarly, Research and Creative Activity Awards

Recognizing individuals for their scholarly, research and creative (SRC) activity and impact on their disciplines.

Dr. Roxana Suehring

Dr. Roxana Suehring, Department of Chemistry and Biology

Dr. Sühring is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biology and an expert in environmental analytical chemistry. Her research has been selected as cover articles for international journals and led to keynote speaker invitations at international meetings. She is an active science communicator who has been featured in written and broadcast interviews. She is a member of the RSC, the Society of Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology, the ACS, and a board member of the International Network for Environmental Forensics (INEF). Dr. Sühring has over 40 publications and has trained more than 20 HQP.

Dr. Isaac Woungang

Dr. Isaac Woungang, Department of Computer Science

Dr. Woungang is a leading researcher in area of 5G and Beyond (B5G) wireless networks, focusing on the development of strong and resilient resource management and security solutions for such networks. In the last 5 years, he has published 55 journals and 50 conference papers, 1 authored book, 6 edited books, and delivered 4 invited addresses at international conferences. He is highly regarded for the quality and impact of his research, and his role in supervising students and researchers in the aforementioned area. He is IEEE Senior Member, with Google scholar citations > 4950, h- index: 35, i-10 index: 118

Dean's Teaching Award - Faculty (TFA) Recipients

Dr. Nariman Farsad

Dr. Nariman Farsad, Department of Computer Science

Dr. Nariman Farsad is an excellent instructor that brings a variety of teaching methods into his classroom. His teaching philosophy incorporates world class learning methods including projects that mimic the real work environment. He encourages collaboration and is always open to help students in all aspects of their learning experience, whether it is help with course materials, their journey in research or topics they are interested in. He constantly brings new innovative solutions and technology into his classroom and encourages his students to enjoy their learning journey at the Toronto Metropolitan University.


Dean's Teaching Award - Contract Lecturers (CUPE 1 and 2)

Dr. Rajeshwari Iyer, Department of Chemistry and Biology

Dr. Rajeshwari Iyer has been a Contract Lecturer in Chemistry at TMU for the past 27 years. Dr. Iyer has a wealth of experience as a University teacher having taught many chemistry courses at the undergraduate University level. She has experience in curriculum development and innovative educational methods to foster learning. Dr. Iyer’s cosmopolitan background has given her a concrete understanding of the needs of University students, serving as a model for young women entering Science. She has a sensitive approach to teaching students with diverse learning styles in their nurturing of a well-rounded education.

Dean's Service Award

Dr. Sarah Sabatinos

Dr. Sarah Sabatinos, Department of Chemistry and Biology

Dr. Sarah Sabatinos has never shied away from the duty of service since she started her TMU career in 2014. Over the last 8 years, Dr. Sabatinos has served on nearly every departmental committee, and has overseen, the Herculean feat of two periodic program reviews (PPR) as program director. She has been the graduate program director for Molecular Science since 2021 and she continues to serve the department with the poise, competency, creativity and dedication. Without question she is admired by all her colleagues and is a service hero in the faculty of science and across the university.

YSGPS Outstanding Contribution to Graduate Education Award

Dr. Marc J. Adler

Dr. Marc J. Adler, Department of Chemistry and Biology

Associate Professor Marc J. Adler, of the Department of Chemistry and Biology has made an outstanding contribution to graduate education and the mentorship of graduate students. In the last year alone, 5 of his mentees have successfully completed their Molecular Science MSc degrees. Through 1-on-1, as well as group meetings, he ensures that his students' research, learning, and career planning all remain on track. He ensures that his students are actively engaged in the dissemination of their work, through co-authorship of research articles and encouraging students to give conference presentations. He is most deserving of this award.