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Centres, Institutes & Zones

The Faculty of Science supports collaboration and innovation through a number of research facilities, centres, institutes and start-up zones. By sharing expertise, ideas and creativity, these research clusters provide opportunities to further the impact of our scientific exploration. 

Institute for Biomedical Engineering, Science and Technology

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iBEST is a partnership between Toronto Metropolitan University and St. Michael’s Hospital. Scientists, researchers, engineers and clinicians work together to translate knowledge into innovations that improve the lives of patients and advance the fields of medicine and healthcare.

Toronto Metropolitan University MaRS Research Facility

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The Faculty of Science maintains a 20,000 square foot research facility located in the MaRS Discovery District in downtown Toronto. In this ultramodern, collaborative space, researchers work on innovative projects in biology, biochemistry, microbiology and environmental toxicology.

Urban Water TMU

Urban Water TMU is a pan-university research collective focused on holistic approaches to water-related problems housed in the Centre for Urban Innovation (CUI), a modern research complex on TMU campus . Over 40 researchers collaborate on solutions such as green infrastructure, urban runoff mitigation, water management policy and strategies for a cleaner, healthier ecosystem.

Science Discovery Zone

Originating within the Faculty of Science, the SDZ is part of Toronto Metropolitan's Zone Learning start-up community. It takes the same evidence-based approach used in science and applies it to innovation — a space where students, faculty and industry partners connect science to value.

Biomedical Zone

The Biomedical Zone is the commercialization arm of the iBEST partnership between Toronto Metropolitan University and St. Michael’s Hospital. Scientists, clinicians, entrepreneurs and students incubate and validate medical technology ideas in a hospital setting, and launch new start-up businesses.