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Dr. Linda Maxwell Headshot
"Our unique model, which provides access to clinicians, patients, scientists and others, coupled with clinical validation and business development support, is a key driver in accelerating the success of our companies.”

– Dr. Linda Maxwell, Founder and Executive Director of the Biomedical Zone

Canada’s leading incubator for medical startups.

Bridge that connects the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute with St. Michael's Hospital

The Biomedical Zone helps early-stage health technology companies to validate their need-based solutions directly in the hospital setting with clinicians, business experts, and innovative thinkers. Through the Biomedical Zone, startups are able to rapidly iterate their technology, refine their business model, and demonstrate clinical value.

We are not just an incubator, but an innovation centre for clinicians, students, and entrepreneurs alike. Our first-in-class programs offer startups unprecedented access to the clinical environment, while facilitating unique experiential learning opportunities for students. Together, we are transforming the way hospitals innovate.

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