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The Biomedical Zone is more than just an incubator; it is an innovation centre for clinicians, students, entrepreneurs, and the greater healthtech community. Our unique programming catalyzes the growth of promising healthcare technology companies, creates experiential learning opportunities for students, and fosters entrepreneurial culture in the hospitals. 

At the Biomedical Zone, we support those who are committed to transforming the healthcare industry. We work with innovators who help to build technology driven solutions, significantly impact patient health, and drive the adoption of innovation in the healthcare system. 

Image of young engineers working on a prototype design
  • I am a startup dedicated to solving a compelling healthcare related problem using innovative technology
  • I am driven, coachable and collaborative 
  • I have a team with at least one executive member committed to Biomedical Zone's services, and BACE Accelerate programming
  • My technology has a clear need for clinical valdiation
Female student working on a laptop
  • I am a current Toronto Metropolitan University student with a passion for healthcare entrepreneurship
  • I have a project or idea but do not have a full business plan
  • I want to learn the skills to build a health technology business
  • Team member(s) committed to Biomedical Zone's BACE Discovery program