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Graduate Programs

At Toronto Metropolitan University’s Faculty of Science, our master’s & PhD programs are innovative, research-intensive and designed for opportunities to gain real-world experience. As a graduate student, you’ll solidify your theoretical foundations and work closely with faculty members to translate scientific knowledge into positive societal impacts.  

Computer Science

Faculty of Science, Computer Science Graduate students

Use computer science theory to build concrete solutions for an ever-changing world. The department works actively with industry partners in Toronto’s downtown core. MSc and PhD students gain hands-on skills in the latest fields, such as machine learning, robotics, virtual reality, cybersecurity, data science and more. Check out the Computer Science graduate programs.


Faculty of Science, Physics Graduate student

Put your knowledge of the physical world to work. Our MSc and PhD programs train students to lay the groundwork for applications that have cross-disciplinary, real-world impact. Students choose from one of three field specializations: Complex Systems, Biomedical Physics, and CAMPEP Medical Physics. Check out the options within the Physics graduate programs.


Faculty of Science, Mathematics Graduate student

Sharpen your analytical and quantitative skills to meet a growing demand for mathematics professionals. Our Applied Mathematics MSc program and Mathematical Modelling & Methods PhD program are technically oriented, with emphasis on applied research and mathematical modelling. Students work on problem solving in three main areas: biomathematics, financial mathematics or discrete mathematics. Learn more about our Mathematics graduate programs.

Molecular Science

Faculty of Science, Chemistry and Biology Graduate student

Our internationally renowned graduate program transcends traditional boundaries of biology and chemistry. Students work in ultramodern research facilities to explore natural phenomena that originate at the molecular level. MSc and PhD specializations span a wide range, including pathogens, medicinal chemistry, clean energy, spatial ecology, food chemistry and more. Explore our Molecular Science graduate programs.

Environmental Applied Science & Management

Faculty of Science, Environmental Applied Science & Management graduate student talking with professor.

Take a systems management approach to environmental problems. The MASc and PhD program’s T-shaped curriculum provides both breadth and depth in applied science and management. Students navigate law, policy, decision making, risk assessment and strategic planning in balancing earth’s resources with human needs. Investigate the Ensciman graduate program.