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Linc Lawcast

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Welcome to the Linc Lawcast! The Linc Lawcast is a new initiative at the Lincoln Alexander School of Law where professors share their tips and tricks on learning and success in your first year of law school.

The Linc Lawcasts are between 15 and 30 minutes in length and are available for the courses and professors listed below. Make sure you tune in and take advantage of the rare opportunity to hear directly from your professors and get the inside scoop on how to prepare for and take on the curriculum! Outside of academics, professors draw on their own experiences when they walked in your shoes during their law school years and share advice on how to maintain work-life balance, build professional networks and make the most of these years! 

Professor Profiles and Courses:

Avner Levin

JUR 102 - Tort Law & JUR 105 - Foundations of Legal Theory
Episode 3 (external link) 

Idil Atak
Idil Atak

JUR 105 - Legal Theory
Episode 4 (external link) 

Joshua Sealy-Harrington

JUR 106 - Criminal Law & JUR 105 - Foundations of Legal Theory
Episode 6 (external link) 

Luke Taylor

JUR 100 - Legal Research & Writing
Episode 7 (external link) 

Jennifer Orange

JUR 100 - Legal Research & Writing & JUR 107 - Constitutional Law
Episode 8 (external link)