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CEWIL Projects Showcase

Since 2021, TMU has received nearly $1.3 million in funding for work-integrated learning (WIL), notably, learning opportunities that focus on research and industry projects, field placements, and service-learning. 

Of the many WIL funding bodies, the CEWIL iHUB, or the Co-Operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning Innovation Hub, has made a particularly significant impact on the TMU community. In 2021, CEWIL iHUB launched a three-round funding initiative to support work-integrated learning in post-secondary institutions. This funded 12 projects and aimed to expand access to WIL opportunities through new partnerships. 

The EL Hub, a Resource Area within the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, was brought on to facilitate these projects and share the funding opportunities with the TMU community, assisting applicants in their applications, and liaising with stakeholders, essentially helping to bring these projects to life.

SCI888: Evidence-Based Innovation

This open-credit course is open to undergraduate students from any program at Toronto Metropolitan University, because multidisciplinary collaborations can lead to the extraordinary.

SDZ Biomakerspace

The Biomakerspace program is part of a three-round funding initiative aimed at supporting work-integrated learning in post-secondary institutions, and is administered by the CEWIL iHUB, or the Co-Operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning Innovation Hub.


Piloted in the Winter 2022 term, this program connects student entrepreneurs who demonstrate qualities of leadership, motivation, creativity, and perseverance with mentors and experts within Science Discovery Zone’s internal and external network to gain insight on challenges within the ecosystem as well as refine skills such as communications, project management, research and risk assessment.

Startup Go-To-Market

The program was first piloted during the 2022 Summer academic semester during which 7 students participated. The program connected students with employer partner Innovation Boost Zone (IBZ), an incubator that strives to support deep-tech startups and is part of TMU’s Zone Learning ecosystem.

SSH 505 - Making the Future student team with the Mississauga City Council

SSH 505 - Making the Future

Administered by the Leadership Lab, which recently merged with the Brookfield Institute to form the Dais (external link) SSH 505: Making the Future, is an upper-level liberal course offered by the Toronto Metropolitan Faculty of Arts that focuses on areas such as public policy, health, democracy, personal leadership, transformative change, diversity, and public engagement, and challenges students to imagine change in these fields and what role they could play in that change.