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TMU Learning & Teaching Conference | May 16, 2024

Registration desk opens at 8:30 AM on the 2nd Floor, Daphne Cockwell Complex (DCC).

Volunteers will be on the ground floor to assist guests in entering the building.

Our Programming

We are committed to student well-being inside and outside the classroom by providing faculty, contract lecturers, TA/GAs, and staff with essential strategies and tools to ensure teaching success in a variety of learning environments.

Get access to virtual workshops, panel discussions, and special events led by our team of facilitators and guest subject matter experts. Each event creates an opportunity for professional development and an opportunity to create connections with colleagues from various disciplines across the university. 

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Learning & Teaching Conference

An annual event for TMU faculty, contract lecturers, graduate students and staff.

8 Workshop Series

Exploring a wide range of topics such as Academic Integrity, Anti-Racist Pedagogies, Experiential Learning, and AI. 

In-person, virtual, and hybrid options

We offer a variety of delivery options, ensuring our events are as accessible as possible to the TMU community. 

TA/GA event and workshop offerings

We provide events and workshops tailored to support TA/GAs and graduate students.

The TMU Learning & Teaching Conference

The TMU Learning and Teaching Conference is an annual event for TMU faculty, contract lecturers, graduate students and staff. The conference provides an important and much valued opportunity each year for our teaching community to come together, share their experiences, discoveries, and innovations, re-ignite friendships and find new colleagues. Attendance has grown steadily over the years and now regularly reaches over 600 attendees.

This year's Learning & Teaching Conference will bring together the teaching community at TMU to share knowledge and experience related to technology-enhanced teaching and to discuss the opportunities and challenges that lay ahead for teaching and learning.

Explore our workshop series

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Academic Integrity Awareness Series

Usually held during Academic Integrity Awareness Week, this is a series of events designed to foster a culture of academic integrity across the university. The Academic Integrity Office and partners offer a series of interactive events complete with tools and resources for faculty, contract lecturers, students, TA/GAs, and staff.

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Anti-Racist Pedagogies Workshop Series

With so much going on in the world, it can feel overwhelming to figure out where to start to support change. Let’s chat, come meet with us! Join this engaging workshop series designed to boost educators' confidence in creating and refining learning environments that address racism, promote justice, and motivate students to confidently champion change beyond the university. From navigating complex conversations about race and racism in the classroom to building anti-racist principles into the foundations of STEM education to making the connections between universal design and anti-racism, these workshops are a space to exchange insights and practices that help you initiate, cultivate, and enhance your practice to bring justice into the classroom, no matter your field or expertise.

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Artificial Intelligence Workshop Series

Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) brings both challenges and opportunities to teaching and learning. Through this workshop series, instructors can develop a deeper understanding of the technology itself, learn how to leverage the technology and educate students on ethical use, and implement strategies to detect unauthorized use of GAI.

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Blending for Flexibility Workshop Series

The Blending for Flexibility Workshop Series is a friendly, interactive workshop series, for faculty and contract lecturers interested in learning more about blended learning models and strategies.

This can be an opportunity to provide you and your students with more flexibility in terms of scheduling, learning activities, and assessments. Join us as we explore how your students can connect to course content, you, and their peers across a variety of learning spaces by applying principles of blended learning.

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Excellence in Teaching Workshop Series

The Excellence in Teaching Program (ETP), is designed to provide faculty (TFA, LTF) and contract academics (CUPE 1 and 2) with opportunities to enhance the impact of their teaching, and participate in a community of educators committed to excellence and equity in teaching and learning. Faculty and contract academics at different career stages and in different disciplines have unique priorities, needs, and interests for teaching development. The ETP provides flexible pathways for participation so that faculty and contract lecturers can focus on achieving specific goals in their teaching practice, and can demonstrate the impact of their teaching on student learning and success.

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The Fundamentals of Experiential Learning (FuEL) Series

As the emphasis on experiential learning (EL) continues to grow at Toronto Metropolitan University, it is becoming increasingly important to offer our students creative and valuable opportunities through multiple expressions of EL that reflect academic excellence.

The Fundamentals of Experiential Learning (FuEL) Program is designed to provide participants with the fundamental knowledge and skills required to design and facilitate high-quality, meaningful, relevant, equitable, and inclusive EL opportunities.

Grounded in the core defining aspects (CDAs) highlighted in Senate Policy 169, this program will guide participants through the design of academically relevant EL opportunities that produce meaningful outcomes for all involved. The FuEL Program will be utilizing a decolonial, equity, diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility (D/EDIA) lens, and will provide participants with support and opportunities to deepen their D/EDIA knowledge and praxis as it relates to EL.

Participants of the program will attend a series of four interactive workshops, including three pedagogical and one partnership-based workshop. All workshops are scheduled to be in-person and will be held in the Active Learning Classroom (ALC).

This program will be open to all faculty, contract lecturers, and EL staff at Toronto Metropolitan University interested and/or currently engaged in the development and delivery of experiential learning opportunities.

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TA/GA Workshop Series

The TA/GA teaching workshop series covers many aspects of professional development in teaching in an online environment. Workshops are open to all TA/GAs and interested graduate students from Toronto Metropolitan University.

Core workshops:

  • Facilitating Active Learning in Tutorial and Labs
  • Engaging Students in Discussion
  • Grading Strategies and Providing Feedback
  • Equity and Inclusion in Teaching
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Let's Talk...Workshop Series

Presented by Faculty Affairs, join the Let's Talk...Series for conversations on teaching and SRC at the university. Learn about the supports available, have your questions answered, and meet colleagues from across the university. This series is especially designed for new and early-career faculty however, all faculty are welcome to attend.

Join a Community of Practice

A Community of Practice (CoP) is a group of like-minded individuals who share a common interest in a topic and who come together to fulfill both individual and group goals.

Communities of practice usually focus on sharing best practices and knowledge creation through regular meetings and ongoing communications.


Artificial Intelligence and Academic Integrity Community of Practice

The prevalence of AI in higher education has caused educators to feel both excited and frightened. This Community of Practice allows educators to participate in the conversation surrounding AI, with the goal of developing best practices and creating a repository of resources that can be shared across campus as well as across institutions.


Experiential Learning Community of Practice

Members of this Community of Practice are made up of all staff involved in making Experiential Learning happen at TMU. By joining, educators and staff will have the opportunity to hear the latest updates on EL at Toronto Metropolitan University, meet and ideate with other EL professionals across campus, ask and answer questions, and work towards a shared vision.


Supporting Digital Learning Community of Practice

Members in this Community of Practice learn about new technologies that are related to learning and teaching before they are implemented. Take part in meaningful conversations about strategies and opportunities to incorporate technology in teaching, access resources as well as professional development opportunities.


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