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Learning and teaching resources

Learning and teaching resources

We invite faculty, contract lecturers, graduate students and staff to explore our collection of learning and teaching resources, curated with the Centre's mission to develop inclusive teaching practices that enrich the student learning experience at Toronto Metropolitan University in mind.

This page is updated regularly. Feel free to revisit for the latest information, or subsribe to our newsletter, Teachnet, to ensure you stay informed about new resources, programming, and more.

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Teaching a course

Access teaching strategies that have been shown to be effective in the university classroom.


Modes of course delivery

Explore our list of definitions describing various modes of in-person, distance, and hybrid learning.



Resources for assignment design to help students learn, and increase their satisfaction with the course.


Designing a course

Once you’re ready to embark on the process of course design or redesign, we are here to help.

Browse the full repository of resources

A person looking at their computer screen which shows the Academic Integrity Office web homepage

Academic Integrity Office Website

Access online tools and resources for information about academic standards at Toronto Metropolitan University, and how to integrate policies in your classroom.

A cloud with the letters AI on it

AI and Higher Education Community of Practice (CoP)

In response to an increased interest from faculty seeking to understand ChatGPT and the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Higher Education, the Academic Integrity Office (AIO) has started a Community of Practice (CoP) to help faculty understand the power and limitations of these technologies. 

ChatGPT Logo

Exploring ChatGPT/AI: A Resource Guide

ChatGPT, made available to the public in November 2022, has taken over the conversation in almost every field. People are excited about its ability to improve efficiency, scared of its potential to replace human workers, and/or worried about its ability to undermine student assessment. 

In response to this increased interest, the AIO has begun compiling a resource guide to help faculty understand the power and limitations of these technologies.

A hand grabbing a wooden block with a checkmark on it next to a wooden block with an X on it.

 Academic Integrity Faculty Resources

The Academic Integrity team at the Centre has compiled a resource repository to help you in your instruction. 

Academic Integrity in Space game logo

Academic Integrity in Space

Promote Academic Integrity and Policy 60 education through game play with the AIO's new resource: Academic Integrity in Space! Students go head-to-head with Captain Plague and the League of the Unearned to learn about academic integrity and to earn certificates from the planets Ethica, Originon, and Independus.

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Accessibility Guides & Resources

The more accessible an environment, product, service, or process is from the start, the less need there will be for accommodation. Explore these guides developed by Accessibility, Office of the Vice-President, Equity & Community Inclusion in order to help make Toronto Metropolitan University a barrier-free environment. 

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Academic Accommodation Support Resources

Accommodations are a shared responsibility among all TMU community members. Review these resources compiled by Academic Accommodation Support (AAS) to learn more about how you can better reduce disability-related barriers and ensure all students have equal access in your classroom. 

A checklist

Getting started with Periodic Program Review

Programs scheduled to begin their PPR will be contacted by the Vice-Provost Academic (undergraduate) or Vice-Provost and Dean, YSGS (graduate) to attend an orientation workshop.

The Getting Started with PPR manuals provide faculty and staff with step-by-step guidelines to successfully navigate through the process.

A hand drawing the outline of a lightbulb.

 Curriculum Development

Programs and curriculum at Toronto Metropolitan University dynamically evolve within a landscape of changing careers, professions, and scholarly disciplines. Longstanding partnerships with community, industry, government, and professional practice, drive innovation, research and curriculum development.

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 Curriculum Quality Resources & Support

Curriculum Quality provides a range of customizable services and resources to programs working through periodic program review, curriculum assessment and modification, and new program development, including:

  • Consultations
  • Periodic Program Review Workshops
  • Program-specific workshops, retreats and meeting facilitation
  • Student Feedback and Experience (SFX) Sessions
  • Stakeholder Survey Templates
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 Tech for Teaching

Connecting the Toronto Metropolitan University teaching community to:

  • guides with instructions and best practices for using technology to deliver content and keep students engaged in learning
  • resources, tools, and activity suggestions using a keep-it-simple approach
  • templates for producing course content
Hands typing on a laptop with a camera on a tripod next to it.

 Teaching with Technology

Technology can be used to support learning in many ways. The three common ways that technology is integrated into teaching can be represented on a continuum that describes how much teaching takes place online or in the classroom that include technology-enhanced teaching, blended learning, and fully-online courses. 

A computer keyboard next to a computer mouse.

 Digital Media Toolbox

Access a selection of supported tools by Digital Media Projects, Computing and Communications Services, and Toronto Metropolitan University. Explore these resources and learn how you can integrate these tools into your course or classroom setting.

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Support & Consultation

The Digital Media Projects team provides support and consultation services for you to brainstorm, discuss, and plan how you can incorporate learning technologies in your teaching. 

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 EL Hub & Resources for Faculty & Staff

Do you currently offer EL, or are you considering incorporating an EL opportunity into your curriculum? The Experiential Learning Office at the Centre works to serve as a place for idea creation, knowledge exchange and vision building.

Access our EL Resources and learn how to incorporate them into your classroom. 

A group of presenters speaking in front of an audience

Live Actor Simulation (LAS)

LAS is part of the EL Hub. This team works closely with clients to build and deliver live performance-based simulations that target specific learning objectives, enhance professional development and support a variety of performance assessment models. Live actor simulation is a unique example of EL at Toronto Metropolitan.

A group of session participants in a workshop

EL Hub Community of Practice

CoP gatherings are open to all staff involved in making EL happen on a day-to-day basis, whether in the classroom, within the faculty, or with external partners. CoPs are an opportunity to hear the latest updates on EL at Toronto Metropolitan University, meet and ideate with other EL professionals across campus, ask and answer your questions, and work towards a shared vision and solutions. Review highlights from previous CoPs and find updates regarding future events on EL Hub’s Resource Portal.

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, within the span of five short days, the Centre transformed itself into a remote teaching support unit. The sudden pivot to virtual teaching and learning highlighted the importance of having access to remote teaching resources in order to better respond to change and more effectively plan for the future. 

For more information about how we can support you in your remote content delivery, email the Centre at

Three laptops connected to a cloud.

Remote Teaching Resources-at-a-Glance

We have compiled a comprehensive list of resources at-a-glance to support faculty and instructors in preparing for remote teaching.


A cloud with three yellow chords connected to it.

Adapting your Course for Remote Delivery

These resources will guide you as you rethink your course for remote teaching. As you work through these steps, you can reach out for advice at or book a consultation with us.

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Virtual Proctoring

When navigating issues surrounding the invigilation of evaluations, faculty members and instructors should be mindful of the considerations outlined in this guide.

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 Best Practice Guides

Our team has produced a variety of resources to assist the university's teaching community in enhancing their classroom learning environment. 

Our Best Practices guides cover how to design a course, tips for implementing instructional strategies that enhance student learning, and templates for creating assessments and rubrics. We also support professional development in teaching, including writing a teaching philosophy, developing a dossier, and evaluating your teaching. 

Puzzle pieces scattered on a yellow surface.

 Large Class Survival Guide

A large-sized class can have its unique set of challenges in teaching and learning. Follow the links in our Large Class Survival Guide for a compilation of tips for preparing and delivering your large-sized course. This guide is organized by the key phases of your course during a semester.

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