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Ryerson Learning and Teaching Conference

On behalf of the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, we'd like to thank you for attending and contributing to the Toronto Metropolitan University Learning & Teaching Conference on May 19, 2022. We are grateful for the time and effort our presenters took to share their knowledge with the TMU community, and we know attendees enjoyed the benefits of our HyFlex experience.


Our one day, fully HyFlex conference hosted over 500 participants including almost 100 presenters from across Toronto Metropolitan University as well as special guests from other academic institutions. 

Headshot of Dr. Vanessa Andreotti

Our conference Keynote, Dr. Vanessa Andreotti, opened the day with an overview of her work Gesturing Towards Decolonial Futures Art/Research Collective (GTDF,, external link, opens in new window) of which she is a founding member, based at UBC. She showcased educational tools that build our collective capacity and stamina to hold space for difficult conversations about wicked social and global challenges without feeling immobilized or demanding immediate quick fixes. Wicked challenges are characterized by hyper-complexity, uncertainty and interlocked problems with no possibility for easy solutions.


A recording of Dr. Andreotti’s Keynote lecture, external link, opens in new window, entitled Education in times of hyper-complexity is now available, along with a copy of her slides for download, external link, opens in new window

“The Keynote was outstanding. I really would love to be able to work with some of her ideas with students. It really is what they need right now. — Conference Participant

How participants accessed the Conference. Of our 500 participants: 65% online,  25% in person, 10% both.

This diversity in participation demonstrated that accessibility efforts put forth by the Centre were well-used by presenters and attendees alike. 

“Was pessimistic about the hybrid format and was planning to attend in person. However, I came down with a cold that morning and decided it best to stay home. Very thankful for the hybrid option and its execution was better than expected. Still some bugs with the concurrent sessions, but overall, well done!” — Conference Participant

“This was the first HyFlex conference I've attended and also the first in-person event I've attended in over 2 years. I really thought the day-of organization was fantastic. You had a great number of volunteers/moderators and it seemed you thought of everything. Truly impressive - well done!!” — Conference Participant

“Thank you - the virtual option to attend was fantastic, and I hope can be retained at future meetings. The two formats really made it accessible for everyone to participate….Congratulations to the team!” — Conference Participant

“I know the effort put in to make this happen must have been great indeed, and it really made for a seamless experience of community in all our modes (whether virtual or in-person).” — Conference Participant

A big thank you to our team at the Centre, including our Career Boost students, our online and in-person moderators, coordinators, technicians and volunteers. To everyone who lent their time and expertise to bring this year’s programme to life — we will see you next year!

— TMU Learning & Teaching Conference Programme Committee 


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