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Getting Started with ABC Online Course Design

ABC Online Course Design consists of two sessions: 

  1. Introduction to Trello and ABC Course Storyboarding (90 minutes). In this session you will:
    1. Setup your Course Storyboard in Trello (our storyboarding platform)
    2. Learn the ABC Storyboarding process
    3. Identify your core objectives and goals as you transition your course to remote delivery.
    4. We recommend leaving 60 minutes between the first and second session to complete the first draft of your storyboard.
  2. Transitioning your course to Remote Teaching (90 minutes). In this session you will:
    1. Identify remote learning activities for each week of your course
    2. Choose the best remote tools and assessments for your course 

To participate in the course storyboarding workshop, please do the following ahead of time:

  1. Register for a Trello (external link)  account
  2. Bring a recent version of the course outline that you want to transition to a remote teaching environment

If you'd prefer not to attend a workshop, or if one isn't available at a suitable time, it is also possible to complete ABC Online Course Design entirely on your own, by completing both "Part 1: Defining Course Learning Types" and "Part 2: Independent Storyboarding" in your own time.