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Large Class Survival Guide

Large class survival guide

A large sized class can have its unique set of challenges in teaching and learning remotely. Follow the links in our Large Class Survival Guide for a compilation of tips for preparing and delivering your large sized course. This guide is organized by the key phases of your course during a semester.

Action Resource
Set up:  
  • Your course syllabus and course ‘hub’

Planning your course framework

  • Your course readings through the Library’s e-reserve service
The Library’s e-reserve service
  • Your course assessments and grades
D2L Brightspace: assessments and grades tools
  • Your course communication tools (announcements, discussions, etc.)
D2L Brightspace: communication tools
  • A plan for delivering your content and course activities (and update your course shell, as needed)
Redesign for remote teaching: Content delivery
  • A strategy for requesting course shell(s) for multi-section courses
 (google doc) Course shell request strategies for large classes (external link) 
  • A plan for working with your TA/GAs
 (google doc) Working with TA/GAs in large classes (external link) 
  • A plan to help students navigate the course and stay on track
 (google doc) Setting the stage for student success (external link) 
  • A welcoming course environment for your students by introducing yourself
 (google doc) Building community in large classes: instructor presence (external link) 
Consider (if you have more time):  
  • Gamifying your course
 (google doc) Using gamification to engage students in large online courses (external link) 
Action Resource
  • Course and learner expectations
 (google doc) Course navigation and management (external link) 
  • An opportunity for you and learners to get to know each other through an icebreaker
 (google doc) Building community in large classes: social presence (external link) 
  • A way for you to assess your students technological readiness
 (google doc) Using the Student Technology Survey for your class (external link) 
  • A FAQ document and discussion area for students to refer to throughout the course
 (google doc) Building community in large classes: instructor presence (external link) 
Action Resource
  • Final grades from D2L to MyServiceHub
D2L Brightspace: Final grades