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Part 2: Storyboarding Your Course

This module is available for anyone interested in completing the ABC Online Course Design process on their own. We have also made it available for anyone who has attended our sessions and would like to review the process or share it with colleagues.

The purpose of Part 2: Storyboarding Your Course is to: 

  • Storyboard your course according to learning types
  • Select appropriate instructional activities for a remote learning environment
  • Determine effective assessment methods for your course
  • Reflect upon your storyboard and plan next steps

Storyboarding Learning Types

Your turn! Storyboard your course learning types by creating cards for each week in the list. Refer to your syllabus to help map out week by week. Note that after you complete this step, you’ll move on to storyboarding instructional activities. If you like, you can combine storyboarding learning types and storyboarding instructional activities, or do them in succession.

Storyboard Instructional Activities

Your turn! Storyboard your course learning activities by creating cards for each week in the list.

 (google slide) Review this slide deck for examples of potential learning activities by learning type (external link) 

Storyboard Assessments

Your turn! Use the labels in Trello to mark which cards have associated formative and summative assessments.

Reflecting On Your Storyboard

Your turn! Consider the following reflection questions, zooming out and in as needed:

  • Are you satisfied with the layout?
  • Are there certain instructional methods that you have not found an online equivalent?
  • Are there learning types that you should be more prominent given your learning outcomes?
  • Are the assessments placed in a way that is reasonable for your student's workload?

Reorganize your cards and revise instructional methods and assessments as needed. Add new cards representing additional learning types, or remove cards that no longer seem relevant.

Have a look at your board and add your future course design to the learning types mapping tool (external link) . Did your course learning types change?

Next Steps for Your Storyboard

You've now completed ABC Online Course Design, but you don't have to be done with your course Trello board. Continue to iterate on your course design and your storyboard - we have some ideas on how you can do so below.

Congratulations, you've completed ABC Online Course Design! We hope you are happy with your course storyboard and plan. If you'd like support with implementing your plan, or you have any questions about the process, please get in touch with our team.