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In April 2022, Ryerson University changed its name to Toronto Metropolitan University, which will be implemented in a phased approach. You will see the Ryerson name across campus, online and in our official communications for a period of time. Learn more about our next chapter.

Homeschooled Students

Admission Requirements

Toronto Metropolitan University is pleased to consider applications for admission from home-schooled candidates who satisfy the requirements listed below. Admission to Toronto Metropolitan programs is competitive and selection is based on academic achievement. Many Toronto Metropolitan programs also consider non-academic factors such as interviews, auditions, selection tests, essays, portfolios, etc., in addition to academic criteria. Please visit the Grades-Plus page for more information on each program's non-academic requirements.

Homeschooled Applicants from Ontario

Toronto Metropolitan University does not require completion of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent from home-schooled applicants provided a letter is submitted by the applicant indicating they have been home-schooled to the Grade 11 level. However, evidence of academic achievement in secondary education is required as follows:

  • Completion of six Grade 12 U/M courses (offered by an Ontario Ministry of Education registered and inspected secondary school), including program-specific subject prerequisites is required.
  • A minimum overall average of 70% in six Grade 12 U/M courses establishes eligibility for admission; subject to competition individual programs may establish higher averages.
  • All Toronto Metropolitan programs stipulate specific subject prerequisites. Grades required for admission are determined on the basis of competition.
  • For those programs that accept either a Grade 11 U/M or Grade 12 U Mathematics or Science course, the course must be completed via an Ontario Ministry of Education registered and inspected secondary school.
  • The required courses may be completed via on-line learning, night school, day school, correspondence or any combination thereof, provided the school(s) offer(s) credits towards the Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

Homeschooled Applicants from Other Canadian Provinces

Applicants who have completed equivalent qualifications from other Canadian provinces will be considered provided the studies satisfy provincial requirements. For information about Toronto Metropolitan’s admission requirements for Canadian provinces and territories, please visit our Canadian Secondary School Students page.

Homeschooled Applicants from the United States

Applicants who have completed home-schooled studies in the United States will be considered provided the studies have been completed and a high school diploma issued by a school that is recognized by an accrediting body acceptable to Toronto Metropolitan University. See Toronto Metropolitan’s admission requirements for the American school system on our Internationally-Educated Students page.

Other Considerations

  • Toronto Metropolitan will also consider final results in Advanced Placement (AP) examinations as well as the International/General Certificate of Secondary Education/Ordinary Level subjects (IGCSE/GCSE/O Levels) and the General Certificate of Education (GCE) Advanced Subsidiary (AS) and Advanced (A) Level subjects.
  • While we do not have minimum SAT or ACT score requirements, strong performance on a standardized test can strengthen an application. If SAT or ACT examinations have been written, the results should be submitted.
  • AP courses with examination scores of 4 or higher will be considered for transfer credit on an individual basis. Engineering students are not eligible for transfer credits for core and professional engineering courses using AP examinations.

Please note that Toronto Metropolitan University does not provide individual educational assessments for home- schooled applicants.

Application Process

Home-schooled candidates may apply on the appropriate application available via the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC), external link, opens in new window. Home-schooled candidates must clearly identify themselves as such on the application for admission and on the Supplementary Form.

Please visit our Undergraduate Applicant COVID-19 FAQ page for the latest information on current and next steps in light of all closures affecting admissions.