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Students on the wait list

Due to limited space and competition at Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU), we're unable to offer admission to all applicants. Generally, applicants with the strongest applications are selected. We recognize that being placed on a wait list may present challenges for you. You may need to make choices in the next few weeks and months about your next steps.

We send Offers of Admission to applicants on wait lists over the spring and summer months. It’s important that your application remains up-to-date. If you’re currently enrolled in courses and/or you’re planning to take courses before September, please submit final results once available.

Each year the level of competition changes and the demand for various programs can change too. Unfortunately there’s no way to predict what will happen.

We’re unable to "rank" applicants on our wait lists.

Our wait lists change throughout the admission cycle. This happens for several reasons. For example, when we receive updated grades or when admitted students do not accept their offers. When a space becomes available in a program, we’ll issue an offer based on information on file at that time.

  • Confirm your wait list position in your Student Center on MyServiceHub (opens in new window) 
  • Keep your telephone number and email up-to-date on your application
  • Check your voicemail and email regularly
  • If you’re enrolled in courses and/or are planning to take courses before September, submit your final results as soon as they’re available

A TMU admissions staff member will contact you by phone and/or email. 

Absolutely. Plan your budget so that you’re prepared for tuition fees and other costs. Also, you may wish to apply for government assistance if you have accepted another offer. This generally must be done before July.

Placement on a wait list and accepting a position on a wait list have no impact on your application to another program at TMU or at any other university.

Although we hope to offer you a space in your program of choice, we encourage you to make alternate plans for your further education. Accepting an offer won't impact your other applications. However, you may only hold one accepted Offer of Admission at a time.

While we hope to accommodate many, we’re not able to admit all applicants on our wait lists. We conclude the selection process in September (at the end of the first week of classes). Our wait lists are not transferable to another term. Interested applicants must apply for admission again for the next year. The number of applications received and the level of competition changes from year to year. If you were placed on a wait list this year, it doesn’t mean this will happen again in a future year.

It’s important that you review your messages and respond as quickly as possible. All of our communications are time-sensitive and need an immediate response.

We can only communicate with you (the applicant), unless we have written permission from you to discuss your application with another person. Contact the ServiceHub for more information.

Please visit our page for non-approved students for information about competition and upgrading.