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Canadian secondary school students

Ontario students

If you are an Ontario secondary school student applying to Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU), please visit the Ontario requirements page to review what's needed for your application.

Out-of-province students

Admission requirements vary by program. If you are a Canadian secondary school student outside of Ontario applying to TMU, please select your province or territory to determine what’s required for your application.

If you’re completing or have completed the IB Diploma, you must present grades of four or higher in three Higher Level and three Standard Level subjects with a grade total of 28 or higher. For complete details about required IB subjects and transfer credits, visit Internationally Educated Students.

If you’re completing or have completed AP examinations, you may be eligible for transfer credits with grades of four or higher. See Transfer Credit - Advanced Secondary and CEGEP for details.

You’re encouraged to achieve as much breadth and depth as possible in your studies leading up to graduation. 

All secondary and post-secondary studies are considered in the competitive selection process. Admission is based on competitive overall averages and grades in subject requirements.

Unless noted otherwise, the grades required in these subjects are normally in the 65-75% range. 

Calculus is required for all Engineering programs, the Accounting & Finance program, and select programs in the Faculty of Science.

There are non-academic requirements for some programs (e.g. portfolio, interview, audition). Visit each program page for submission dates and procedures. 

Grade 11 results may be used in the early admission process. 

You are required to complete the admission requirements by June 30th, unless otherwise stated in your Offer of Admission. To request an extension, visit Summer School Extensions.

Possession of the minimum requirements doesn’t guarantee admission. Due to competition, you may be required to present averages/grades above the minimum(s). Admission consideration is based on the information available at the time of application review. TMU may issue alternate Offers of Admission for some programs. Applicants are notified of alternate offers via the ChooseTMU Applicant Portal.

Please note: TMU reserves the right to be the final arbiter of what is equivalent to the Ontario secondary school requirements.