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Special students

You can take classes at Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) without pursuing an undergraduate degree. Apply to be a special student (also known as a visiting student). 

Why become a special student?

  • To qualify for a degree program (usually graduate studies or other professional areas of study)
  • To complete courses on a letter of permission from another university
  • To meet professional association course requirements

You do not need special student status to enrol in the Chang School of Continuing Education (opens in new window) .

Not all programs accept special students. Check which programs are accepting applications.

Ontario secondary school students are eligible to apply as special students. You must get a recommendation from your secondary school.

Start the application process as soon as possible. Applications will close when the enrolment capacity has been reached.

  1. Obtain approval from the teaching department: 
    1. Faculty of Science: Special student permission form (Faculty of Science website).
    2. The School of Nutrition: Outlines their requirements on the School of Nutrition website. The school will notify Undergraduate Admissions if you have their permission to enrol.
    3. Architectural Science courses: please see the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science website for instructions.
    4. Engineering courses: please see the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science website for instructions.
    5. Arts courses: please see the Faculty of Arts website for instructions.
  2. Submit the TMU application.
  3. Activate your online identity: After you submit your application, TMU will send you an acknowledgment email. This email will contain a link allowing you to activate your TMU online identity and access your ChooseTMU Applicant Portal. ChooseTMU is where you can review your application status and find letters from us, including your Offer of Admission. 
  4. Upload your special student letter/form (permission from the academic department). You are not required to submit a supplementary form. Some program departments may require academic transcripts. The School of Nutrition will notify Undergraduate Admissions if you have their permission to enrol (no upload required).
  5. Check your application status: Review your ChooseTMU Applicant Portal for important updates and communications from us. Add (opens in new window)  to your email contact list and check your spam folder to ensure you do not miss critical communications from us.

Were you admitted previously as a special student? If you haven’t enrolled in courses for six consecutive semesters, you’ll need to apply again. 

Approval as a special student doesn’t guarantee enrolment in courses. Access to courses is subject to teaching department approval and space availability. Individual faculty members may not grant access to courses.

Special students don’t have access to enrolment through MyServiceHub (opens in new window) . Only a program department can enrol you in courses.

You will receive a grade for every course you complete as a special student. 

If you enrol in a degree program at TMU after taking courses as a special student, the courses may apply as transfer credits. These credits will not be used in the calculation of your grade point average (GPA) and will not be recorded as graded courses.

While enrolled as a special student, you’re not eligible for transfer credit from another institution. You’re also not eligible for a letter of permission to study elsewhere.

You’re subject to the same academic standing requirements as students in degree programs. Further details are available from the program department.