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These blog entries are intended to provide informed discussion of contemporary urban policy issues and to respond to requests for public input into proposed urban policies such as infrastructure financing, land use planning, affordable housing and economic growth.

Greater Golden Horseshoe Housing Supply: Several Oddities When Comparing CMHC and Census of Canada Data

May 24, 2022 - This blog by Frank Clayton compares two housing supply data sets during the past five-year census period (June 2016 to May 2021). These are additions to the housing stock (completions and net conversions) as counted by CMHC and additions to the housing stock as reported in the Census of Canada (growth in total dwellings). The focus is on the Greater Golden Horseshoe ("GGH") and the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area ("GTHA").

Housing completions plus net conversions within the existing housing stock and the change in total private households should be the same if the data are accurate and complete.

There are several anomalies where the two data sets do not match very closely. These include:

  • Toronto, Brantford, Hamilton, Guelph and Peterborough for Census Metropolitan Areas ("CMAs") within the GGH; and Peel, Toronto, Halton, and Hamilton for upper-tier and single-tier municipalities within the GTHA.

Understanding the data on actual additions to housing supply is the endpoint of the continuum to ensure that there is an adequate supply of new housing. As CUR has previously argued, it is also necessary to have reliable data about land at various stages of the approval process due to the extended period necessary to provide additional housing supply. It is thus important to ensure the collection of better and more accurate data on changes within the housing stock, and that municipalities collect and provide data on the supply of approved and serviced land by housing type as well as land in the approvals pipeline. Municipalities are in fact required to maintain both a short- and medium-term supply of sites in built-up and greenfield areas at all times under the Provincial Policy Statement (Policy 1.4.1). Collecting and publishing this information will provide a complete set of data on housing supply for policymakers, planners and developers to make better decisions about the need and provision of new housing.

Hopefully, the provisions of Ontario’s More Homes for Everyone Act 2022 will provide funding for this data collection and research.

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