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The Centre for Urban Research and Land Development is an expert-led research Centre, dedicated to formulating policies and solutions to address the concerns confronting urban growth and change within the Greater Golden Horseshoe, as well as to educating students to take leadership roles in these pursuits. Its orientation is founded on uniting economics and market analysis within the context and understanding of social and environmental considerations.

In The News

October 4, 2022
Toronto student housing woes have no easy solution, external link quotes CUR's Senior Research Fellow, Frank Clayton, on continuing trends in student housing in Toronto

By: Dan Pearce

October 1, 2022
Here's why it's difficult to build housing and why it should inform your municipal election vote, external link

CBC news feature quoting CUR's Director, David Amborski, on the need for an increased supply of housing in Toronto

By: Ryan Patrick Jones

September 28, 2022

Sustainable Brownfield Redevelopment, external link

The Municipal Information Network references the feature article CUR Management Committee member, Chris De Sousa, on the costs of remediation for brownfield lands

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