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Solve Climate Teach-In

March 30, 2022
4:30 PM EDT - 8:00 PM EDT
Open To
public, students, community

On March 30, 2022, join us virtually along with 1000's of communities, education institutes and citizen groups in a one-day Worldwide Teach-In (external link, opens in new window)  on climate solutions and justice.  

The world’s top climate scientists have told us (external link, opens in new window)  we have a ten-year window to make rapid reductions in the carbon pollution causing global warming in order to hold the warming to the low end of under 2 degrees C. To highlight the solutions we have to champion this decade, over 1,000 education institutions worldwide are hosting a one-day Teach-In on local climate solutions and justice in the transition.

Toronto Teach-In Panel Schedule

4:30 - 5:30 pm ET


Panel Speakers:

Dr. Ryan Bowie, Program Manager, Chiefs of Ontario

Emily Davis, Environmental Scientist, Dillon Consulting

Emily Martin, Resources and Infrastructure Manager, Saugeen Ojibway Nation Environment Office

Dr. Lynda McCarthy, Faculty of Science, X University

Kids + Climate Grief

Panel Speakers:

Dr. Ellen Field, Faculty of Education, Lakehead University

Andre Forsythe, Executive Director, Climate Challenge

Dr. Erin Sperling, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, UofT

5:45 - 6:45 pm ET


Panel Speakers:

Bridget Allen-O'Neil, Law Student and Advocate, ClimateFast

Nicole Austin, Urban Farm Black-led programs coordinator, X University  

Grace Mandarano, Owner & CFO, 100km Foods

Riley Yesno, PhD Student, UofT and Yellowhead Institute


Panel Speakers:

Dr. Soren Brothers, Allan and Helaine Shiff Curator of Climate Change, Royal Ontario Museum

Mary-Kate Craig, PhD Student, University of Guelph

Adisa Julien, PhD Student, X University

Hamsha Pathmanathan, Wildlife Biologist, Government of the Northwest Territories


Panel Speakers:

Dr. Parvin Adeli, Manager - Batteries, Nickel Institute

Cara Clairman, President and CEO, Plug 'N Drive

Chris Drew, Land Use Planner, Devine Park LLP

Dr. Matthias Sweet, School of Urban & Regional Planning, X University

7:00 - 8:00 pm ET


Panel Speakers:

Dr. Sibo Chen, School of Professional Communication, X University

Dr. Alexandra Gellé, Knowledge Broker, Nergica

Rik Logtenberg, City Councilor for Nelson B.C., CTO for EarthNet

Anthony Morgan, PhD Researcher, X University

Roger Rempel, Environmental Engineer & Associate, Dillon Consulting

High School Workshops

High School teachers, educators and students can engage in our panel topics through virtual workshops. During the workshops, students will engage in applied learning, incorporating themes from a just transition to climate change issues. Workshops will be facilitated by post-secondary students with input from climate researchers. We'll share a Climate Careers and Action activity as a post-workshop resource for students.

Available workshops include:

  • Water Conservation
  • Urban Food Security

Each virtual workshop will:

  • be approximately one hour
  • include pre workshop speaker videos
  • be facilitated by Zoom webinar
  • offer post-workshop activities

For questions about these workshops email

Water Workshop

This workshop will pertain to freshwater conservation, water consumption, physical and virtual water and understanding water footprints.

Available Dates:

  • Friday March 11, 12:30 - 1:30 pm ET
  • Thursday March 31, 12:30 - 1:30 pm ET

Food Security Workshop

This workshop will challenge students to create local sustainable food systems while considering concepts like food deserts, local food and sustainable transportation.

Available Dates:

  • Friday March 25, 9:00 - 10:00 am ET
  • Tuesday March 29, 10:00 - 11:00 am ET
Solve Climate by 2030 Teach-In 2022

Please email for media inquiries or questions about the event and/or workshops.