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Technovation Girls

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Technovation is the world's largest global tech entrepreneurship competition for girls. This season it is a virtual program.

Congratulations to our regional winners and world summit finalists, external link for this 2022 season!

Adventure Takers - top beginner team in North America

The Determined Duo - one of the 5 global junior team finalists advancing to the Technovation World Summit, external link.

Chapters across Canada work together to deliver the program to our girls and support them through the Technovation challenge. Ontario chapters hold weekly workshops to guide the junior and senior teams through the curriculum.

Girls learn to:

  • identify a problem in their community.
  • create an app to address the problem.
  • pitch their ideas.
  • develop a business plan.

Roles in Technovation Girls

Girls between the ages of 8 and 18 form teams, in different divisions, to compete in the Technovation Challenge.

Mentors guide the girls through the development of their apps and their businesses.

Speakers present at virtual workshops to help the girls through the tech and business curriculum.

Coaches provide feedback to teams at designated office hours. These are folks who are interested in supporting the program but have less free time in their calendars. The time commitment is about 2 hours per session.

Judges assess submissions from teams and offer feedback.

Sponsors help support the program and enhance the experience for the girls.

Chapter ambassadors build the Technovation communities in their area by recruiting participants and organizing events.  The ambassador for Technovation Girls Toronto is Dr. Emily Agard from SciXchange at Toronto Metropolitan University.

Student ambassadors, external link are Technovation Girls alumnae who have been selected to act as a champion of Technovation Girls in their region. SAs help recruit students to participate in Technovation Girls, and offer support to teams throughout the season. For this season, our student ambassador is Angelina Tseng.

If you are interested in supporting a Technovation Girls chapter in Ontario, as a mentor, speaker, coach or judge, please visit the applicable page on this site for more information and to register as a volunteer.