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Schedule - 2024

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Hybrid sessions

We continue to run our Technovation Girls Toronto chapter in a hybrid format this season. We will hold weekly sessions virtually to go over curriculum content. We'll host biweely sessions on the Toronto Metropolitan University campus (formerly Ryerson) to allow our GTA teams to work together in person.

The virtual sessions will run on Wednesday evenings, 6-7:30 pm. The in-person sessions will run biweekly on Saturdays, 1-3 pm. 

To ensure cyber safety, we provide workshop details and links only to students and mentors who have registered with our chapter.

We will be following the Technovation Girls curriculum (external link) .

Ideation  

Coding  

Artificial intelligence (AI)  

Entrepreneurship  

Pitch  

Please see below for our schedule.

Toronto schedule

Our chapter sessions align with the Technovation Girls global curriculum.

Registered participants in the program will receive details about attending the sessions. For security purposes, these details will not be posted on this public site.

If we need to make any changes to the schedule, we'll update them on this page.

Curriculum week




  Jan 20, 2024 in-person Program kickoff - welcome, information and networking
  (external link)  Jan 24, 2024 virtual

Introduction (external link)  

Identifying problems (external link)  

Solving problems with technology (external link)  

Overview of AI (external link)  

Algorithms (external link)  

2 (external link)  Jan 31, 2024 virtual

Researching problems (external link)  

Selecting your problem (external link)  

Exploring different app builders (external link)  

Finding patterns with AI (external link)  

  Feb 3, 2024 in-person Team time with mentors and coaches
3 (external link)  Feb 7, 2024 virtual

Identifying solutions (external link)  

Market research (external link)  

Business & mission statements (external link)  

Different types of blocks (external link)  

Datasets (external link)  

4 (external link)  Feb 14, 2024 virtual

AI or mobile app or both? (external link)  

Minimum viable product (external link)  

Coding: conditionals (external link)  

Debugging your code (external link)  

  Feb 17, 2024 in-person Team time with mentors and coaches
5 (external link)  Feb 21, 2024 virtual

Paper & cardboard prototypes (external link)  

Partnering with organizations (external link)  

Planning your project (external link)  

Coding: different components (external link)  

Train your AI model (external link)  

6 (external link)  Feb 28, 2024 virtual

Marketing your product (external link)  

Positive Impact (external link)  

Coding: storing data (external link)  

Software options for your AI model (external link)  

  Mar 2, 2024 in-person Team time with mentors and coaches
7 (external link)  Mar 6, 2024 virtual

Calculating revenue (external link)  

Operating costs (external link)  

Coding: lists (external link)  

Mobile app examples (external link)  

  Mar 13, 2024   March break - no workshop
8 (external link)  Mar 20, 2024 virtual

Outline pitch & technical videos (external link)  

Business plan (senior division) (external link) 

User adoption plan (junior division) (external link) 

  Mar 23, 2024 in-person Team time with mentors and coaches
9 (external link)  and 11 (external link)  Mar 27, 2024 virtual

Record pitch & technical videos (external link)  

Learning journey (external link)   (moved from week 11)


10 (external link)  Apr 3, 2024 virtual

Edit pitch & technical videos (external link)  

Coding: APIs (external link)   (moved from week 8)

  Apr 6, 2024 in-person Team time with mentors and coaches
12 (external link)  Apr 10, 2024 virtual

Submitting to the competition (external link)  

Preparing a live pitch presentation (external link) 

  Apr 13, 2024 in-person Team time with mentors
  Apr 24, 2023      Submission deadline
  TBD Virtual Virtual live pitch celebration event (not official judging)