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Stoodis Science Virtual Hide Camp

Hide camp lake photo

Welcome to SciXchange's second annual hide camp!

In September 2020, SciXchange hosted a hide camp in Sioux Lookout with knowledge holders, Jean Marshall, Kanina Terry, and Julia Prinselaar. With the help of filmmakers from Cricket Cave, they captured the intricacies of each step and the connections they shared with each other along the way. 

Please enjoy these videos. We hope that you learn more about the rich and diverse scientific knowldeges that Indigenous communities have and are revitalizing around hide tanning practices.

Hand stretching hide

Meet the instructors and knowledge holders and learn about their hide tanning tools!

Jean Marshall

Julia Prinselaar

Kanina Terry

Hide camp 2020 group photo

Miigwetch for visiting our virtual hide camp!

Chi-miigwetch to all our participants, helpers, hide tanners and knowledge holders, artists and behind the scenes SciXchange staff who helped make this incredible event happen.