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How to Make a Request for Access to a University Record or Personal Information

Step 1. 

Before submitting a request in writing for access to information, contact the University department or office that has the record(s) to which you seek access.  Discuss your request with a staff member to determine if the record(s) exist that respond to your request and if the record(s) can be disclosed to you routinely through regular procedures.  Most records are available through an informal process.  Records that contain confidential or third party personal information are subject to exemptions under the Act and are not disclosed routinely.

Step 2. 

If the department refuses access to the record(s), submit your signed request in writing with the required $5 fee, either delivering it by hand or mailing it to the Privacy Officer, Office of the General Counsel and Secretary of the Board of Governors, Toronto Metropolitan University, 350 Victoria Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5B 2K3.  Make your cheque or money order payable to Ryerson University.  Requests received by electronic mail are not accepted.  ( (PDF file) FIPPA Request Form).

Step 3.   

When making a written request, be clear and identify the specific record(s) or personal information to which you seek access.  If applicable, identify the personal information bank.  Also, specify dates or a time period for the record(s)/personal information you request.  Keep the scope of your request narrow and specific.  A clearly defined request with a narrow scope will greatly assist the University to search, locate and retrieve the record(s)/personal information and answer your request quickly.

Step 4. 

Pursuant to section 24(1) of the Act, you must provide sufficient detail in your request to enable an experienced University employee, with a reasonable effort, to identify the record(s)/personal information sought.   If you are unsure how to describe the record(s)/personal information, contact the Privacy Officer at or by calling 416-979-5000 ext. 4676 for help formulating your request.

Step 5. 

Records to which exemptions apply may be withheld entirely or be "severed" (i.e. portions blacked-out).  A decision letter will explain in detail the exemptions applied and give reasons.  If you request access to records containing personal information about yourself the University may ask you to present yourself in person with one piece of picture ID before the records are disclosed to you.

Step 6.   

If you are not satisfied with the University's access decision and disclosure of records, you have thirty days (30) from the date of the University's decision letter to request a review by Ontario’s Information and Privacy Commissioner.