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Privacy Policy Information for Staff and Faculty

Privacy Policy

The policy document referenced below explains your responsibilities in using and disposing of information at Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU). 

All employees of TMU, whether they are faculty, instructors, or administrative staff, have an obligation under university policy to protect specific kinds of information from unauthorized uses.  This information shares a risk of harm to TMU, an individual, or a third party, in the event of an unauthorized use. TMU's Information Protection and Access Policy - Restricted Information (Privacy Policy) describes these obligations.  The associated Procedures for Protecting Restricted Information and Providing Access to Information contains a definition of restricted kinds of information, including personal information, as well as information about privacy breaches, notices of collection, provisions for areas that regularly handle restricted information, and a confidentiality agreement. 

Effective privacy protection is enabled by effective information security practices.  For more information on TMU's Information Systems Security program, contact the Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO) at

Privacy Complaints

If you have a privacy concern please contact the Privacy Officer.

Privacy Risk Assessments (PIAs)

A Privacy Impact Assessment ("PIA") or Privacy Risk Assessment is a tool to help project owners recognize and address privacy-related risks associated with the design, implementation and use of systems and processes.   

We recommend doing a PIA if you are considering a new system or updating a current system that processes personal information.  Please contact the Privacy Officer for more information.

Preparing a Notice of Collection

A Notice of Collection is a legal means to obtain individuals' consent for TMU to collect, use and disclose personal information. The notice sets out the legal authority by which you can collect information, the purposes for which you've collected it, and provides contact information, for the area using the information, in the event of questions or concerns.

Please contact the Privacy Officer if you require a notice for a form, course outline, website, networking site or other examples where you plan to collect, use or share personal information.