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Toronto Metropolitan University
380 Victoria Street
Jorgenson Hall, 11th Floor
Toronto, Ontario M5B 2K3

Tel: (416) 979-5000 Extension 555004
Fax: (416) 598-5951

Legal, Compliance, Governance


  • Julia Shin Doi, General Counsel, Secretary of the Board of Governors, and University Privacy Officer ( - contracts, corporate, commercial, copyright, trademarks, litigation, policies, corporate governance, administrative law, privacy, compliance
  • Susan Badar, Administrative Assistant, Legal Support ( - legal support, office administration
  • Jessica Hardy-Henry, Legal Counsel ( - corporate law, commercial law, privacy, practicum, information technology, Policy
  • Crystal Kim, Legal Counsel ( - intellectual property, research, grants, contracts, practicum
  • Eunkyung Josie Lee, Director, Administration and Governance ( - office administration, Board operations, governance, HR management, budget planning, financial management
  • Jennifer MacInnis, Associate General Counsel and Assistant Secretary ( - intellectual property, patents, trademarks, licensing, grants, contracts, practicum, privacy, compliance
  • Adela Mall, Senior Legal Counsel and Governance Officer ( - Board and committee governance
  • Leanne Sachs, Program Manager, Privacy, Compliance, and Records Management ( - records management, compliance, privacy assessments, analytics
  • Kate Salter, Senior Legal Counsel ( - capital projects, real estate, commercial contracts, construction
  • Joanne Tsang, Legal Counsel and Director of Development Administration ( - charity law, contracts
  • Spiros Vavougios, Legal Counsel ( - administrative law, human rights, constitutional law, litigation, corporate and commercial law, privacy, and policy
  • Jessica Valentini, Paralegal and Practicum Administrator ( - paralegal, legal support, practicum coordinator
  • Heather Wood London, Senior Legal Counsel and Executive Director, Strategic HR Partnerships & Labour Relations (Interim)  (
  • Elena Wu, Compliance and Privacy Administrator ( - paralegal, access-to-information, privacy, compliance