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Records Retention Schedule (RRS)

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Records Code Records Class
Scope Notes/Description
Responsible Office Retention Event
Retention Minimum (Years)
ADM-0100 Claims and Litigation

Includes court cases, claims or litigation.

Note: If there is a legal hold on records do not destroy until authorized by Legal Services.

Legal Services/ Originating Completion 10 Destroy
ADM-0200 Contracts and Agreements

Includes contracts and agreements

Excludes research related agreements - See RES.

Legal Services/ Originating
Completion 10 Archives
ADM-0400 Executive Records Includes records created and maintained by senior executives and other senior level positions.  Originating File Closed 5 Archives
ADM-0500 Closing Books Includes real estate or other official documents relating to the purchase, acquisition or sale of land, property or other assets.  Legal Services / Originating     Permanent
ADM-0600 Leases Includes lease negotiations, amendments, and renewals for property, equipment or other assets. Legal Services / Originating Completion 10 Destroy
ADM-0700 Legal Opinions Includes legal opinions from external law firms, advisors on matters.
Legal Services / Originating Superseded 7 Destroy
ADM-0800 Program Management Includes records related to departmental development, management, operations or planning including meetings, metrics, or reports. Originating Superseded 7 Destroy
ADM-0900 Policies and Procedures Includes official, approved policies and procedures. Originating Superseded 7 Archives
ADM-1000 Project Management Includes records related to projects including project plans, assessments, schedules, status reports or project documents.   Originating Completion 7 Destroy
Investigations (Accidents, Security, Emergency, Violence)
Includes records related to accidents, security, emergency, violence, human rights incidents and investigations on campus.  Records may include surveillance,  photographs, descriptions of individuals, police contact and other case relevant information.
Originating File Closed
20 Destroy
CAM-0200 Accommodations, Residences and Housing Includes student residence applications and information as well as residence rentals.
Originating File Closed
5 Destroy
CAM-0400 Athletics Memberships, Teams and Registrations

Includes sports, athletic and recreational facility memberships, day camps, early learning center day care registrations.  Records may also include varsity, inter-collegiate, intramural or other team rosters, schedules or registrations. 

Excludes health or medical records, including drug testing - See CAM-1200.

Originating End Year Fiscal
5 Destroy
CAM-0500 Conference Planning and Management Includes folios and reservations for guests, rentals or use of campus facilities for conferences and programs.  Originating Completion 5 Destroy
CAM-0700 Events Management

Includes planning, logistics and management of campus events, convocations, celebrations or ceremonies.

Excludes Conferences - See CAM-0500. Communications and artefacts - See EXT-0600.

Originating Completion 5 Destroy
CAM-0800 Food and Beverage Services
Includes catering, meal plans, nutrition planning, food preparation and safety, food and beverage delivery as well as campus restaurants and food services. Originating End Year Fiscal 7 Destroy
CAM-0900 Liquor Licenses
Includes liquor license applications and management. Originating File Closed 5 Destroy
CAM-1000 Mail and Delivery Includes postage, mailings, returned, damaged, lost maill and courier or shipping delivery services including freight, customs logs or lists.      Originating End Year Fiscal 1 Destroy
CAM-1100 OHIP Billings Includes records related to billings for health, medical or counselling services.
Originating End Year Fiscal 7 Destroy
CAM-1200 Patient Health Records

Includes medical, health, counselling, drug or other medical testing records.

Note: If patient is under 18 years old, retention starts when patient turns 18.

Originating File Closed
10 Destroy
CAM-1300 Physician and Nursing Records Includes records maintained by regulated health professionals that is not patient specific. Originating End Year Fiscal 10 Destroy
CAM-1400 Retail Services

Includes bookstore, course packs, orders, sales, inventories, publisher permissions, textbook productions and other retail operations.

Originating End Year Fiscal
7 Destroy
EXT-0100 Advancement Campaigns

Includes records related to programs and activities related to ongoing or special development and fundraising campaigns to raise donations for sponsorships, awards or other purposes. Records may include prospect research, donor proposals, feasibility studies, communications or reports. 

Excludes Donor specific information - See EXT-0200.

Originating File Closed
7 Archives
EXT-0200 Donors

Includes donor information such as demographic and contact information, relationship to the university, gifts, planned giving, commitments and communications.

Excludes payment and management of funds - See - FIN-1300.

Originating     Permanent
EXT-0300 Alumni Includes alumni information including contact, history and relationship to the university. Originating     Permanent
EXT-0400 Awards and Recognition

Includes awards, bursaries, honorary degrees, scholarships, plaques, recognition, celebrations, ceremonies, convocation, trophies, memorabilia, photos for athletics, teams, students, faculty, staff and community members. 

Excludes unsuccessful award applicants (Retain for 1 year minimum pursuant to FIPPA).

Originating Superseded 7 Archives
EXT-0500 Calendar Production Includes course catalogues and course listings.  Originating End Year Academic 10 Archives
EXT-0600 Communications

Includes advertising, announcements, reports, brochures, videos, media reports, news releases, newsletters, newspapers, pamphlets, TMU photos, posters, press releases, TMU publications, sound recordings, speeches, presentations and addresses.

Note:  Originating office to contact the Archives for determining transfers.

Originating Superseded 7 Archives
EXT-0800 External, Government and Media Relations Includes information related to TMU relationships with the community, municipal, provincial, federal and other governments, external agencies and organizations as well as the media. Originating End Fiscal Year 7 Archives
EXT-0900 Marketing and Promotions

Includes marketing programs to promote TMU, including advertising campaigns.

Excludes specific artefacts - See EXT-0600.

Originating End Fiscal Year
5 Archives
FAC-0100 Architectural Projects and Specifications Includes building plans, specifications, drawings and other construction related records. Originating Disposition of Asset
10 Archives
FAC-0200 Building Permits Includes applications and management of building or construction permits. Originating Completion 7 Archives
FAC-0300 Inventory (of Equipment and Furniture) Includes inventories of equipment and furniture.   Originating Disposition of Asset 7 Destroy

Includes service and maintenance requests and repairs for buildings and equipment.

Excludes service agreements or contracts - See ADM-0200.

Originating End Fiscal Year   7 Destroy
FAC-0500 Operations (Buildings) Includes records related to ongoing operations of buildings such as cleaning, waste management and space management. Originating End Fiscal Year 7 Destroy
FAC-0600 Parking Administration Includes management of parking and permits.  Originating End Year Academic 3 Destroy
FAC-0700 Room Bookings

Includes meeting rooms, theatre or other facility bookings as part of ongoing operations.

Excludes Conference bookings - See CAM-0500 or CAM-0700.

Originating End Year Academic 1
FAC-0800 Utilities
Includes electricity, energy, water and other utility maintenance. Originating End Year Fiscal 10 Destroy
FIN-0100 Accounts Payable Includes cheque requisitions, credit cards, expense claims, supplier invoices, travel expenses. Financial Services End Year Fiscal 7 Destroy
FIN-0200 Accounts Receivable Includes collaborative billings, student accounts and other incoming funds administration.  Financial Services
End Year Fiscal 7 Destroy
FIN-0300 Audit Reports Includes annual and periodic audit or investigation reports.  Internal Audit Services     Permanent
FIN-0500 Banking Includes bank statements, cash management such as cash registers, petty cash and reconciliations.  Financial Services End Year Fiscal 7 Destroy
FIN-0600 Budgets (University Wide)

Includes university wide budgets such as capital budgets and plans. 

Excludes departmental budgets, retain as long as operationally required.

Financial Services
FIN-0800 Financial Reporting and Statements Includes journal, ledgers and financial statements.  May also include loans and investment guarantees.
Financial Services     Permanent
FIN-0900 Government Remittances Includes tax remittances such as GST, HST, PST, liquor license fees, hotel taxes. Financial Services End Year Fiscal 7 Destroy
FIN-1000 Purchasing and Procurement Includes purchase orders (POs), procurement, purchase requisitions, requests for proposals (RFPs) and other purchasing records.  Financial Services End Year Fiscal 7 Destroy
FIN-1100 Financial Risk Includes actuarial assessments, evaluations and reports, insurance, benefit and pension assessments and statements.  Originating File Closed 7 Destroy
FIN-1200 Tax

Includes tax receipts, annual returns and other tax filings.

Excludes tax remittances - See FIN-0900.

Financial Services
Completion 7 Destroy
FIN-1300 Trusts and Endowments Includes the management of commitments, disbursements of funds related to trusts, endowments, or planned giving. Financial Services File Closed 7 Destroy
GOV-0100 University Governance Includes Advisory Councils, Toronto Metropolitan Act, By-Laws, Annual Information Returns, Delegations of Authority and Signatures, Elections and Referenda. Board Secretariat     Permanent
GOV-0200 Board Meetings Includes  Board of Governors Meeting Agendas, Reports, Minutes and resolutions.  Board Secretariat     Permanent
GOV-0300 Board Members Includes Board member information, including appointments and reappointments.  Board Secretariat     Permanent
GOV-0400 Board Committees Includes Audit Committee, Employee Relations and Pension Committee, Executive Committee, Finance Committee, and Negotiations Committee.  Board Secretariat     Permanent
GOV-0500 Senate

Includes Actions of Senate/Senate Standing Committees and Sub Committees: 

Agenda Packages, Minutes, Reports, Presentations, related documentation, Correspondence and Elections.

Senate     Permanent
HUM-0100 Employee Records

Includes CVs, resumes, appointment or offer letters, onboarding, contact data or information, orientation, tuition waivers, performance information for all personnel and employee groups, including part-time or short-term hires. 

Excludes pension and benefits for deferred or retired employees - See HUM-1100.

Note:  Do not Destroy if separation, termination or litigation issues. Confirm with HR, Faculty Affairs or General Counsel prior to records destruction.

Human Resources / Originating
Termination 7 Destroy


Attendance and Scheduling

Includes attendance, work schedules, leaves of absences, timesheets, sabbaticals, union release times as well as vacation requests.

Human Resources






Includes pay scales, tenure administration and management. 

Human Resources

End Year Academic




Employee Relations

Includes CUPE, OPSEU, TFA, TAGA, grievances and arbitrations, labour negotiations and agreements.

Human Resources




HUM-0600 Recruitment and Hiring (Employees)

Includes interviews, job postings, employment searches, may include agency searches. 

Excludes International Hires - see HUM-1400.

Note: Records for successful applicants are transferred to their employee record - See HUM-0100.

Human Resources File Closed
3 Destroy
HUM-0700 Search Committees

Includes internal and external searches for senior executives, academic appointments, deans, faculty or chairs.

Note: Records for successful applicants are transferred to employee record - See HUM-0100.

Human Resources / Originating File Closed
7 Destroy


Training and Development

Includes training materials, attendance, and evaluations.   






Organization and Positions

Includes organizational and human resources  planning, organization charts, re-organizations and position descriptions. Also includes, equity, diversity and inclusion.

Human Resources






Includes pay cheques or deposits.

Human Resources

End Year




Pension and Benefits

Includes benefit and pension administration for current, retired and deferred employees and their beneficiaries, including insurance and disability benefits.  

Human Resources





Performance Evaluation

Includes employee probation tracking, promotions, investigations, performance and conduct (PCF), annual reports.     

Human Resources





Resumes and Candidates (Unsuccessful Applicants)

Includes job applicants and applications for unsuccessful applicants.  

Human Resources

File Closed




Recruitment and Hiring (International)

Includes records for international hires.

Human Resources

File Closed



IMT-0100 Access Requests

Includes formal access requests under FIPPA, PHIPA or other access-to-information legislation, including official correspondence such as decision letters.

Notes: Original content owner is responsible for retaining original records. Copies of records sent to requesters are not covered by this class.

File closed refers to last action in the file whether final letter, appeal or other legal action.

Originating File Closed
5 Destroy
IMT-0200 Archives Management Includes records related to the  acquisition, appraisal, conservation and preservation, arrangement, description and management of archival materials and artifacts maintained by the university Archives.   Library     Permanent
IMT-0300   Copy and Printing   Includes records related to business card, stationary, degree printing and other photocopy, duplication, print,  reproduction or distribution services. Originating End Year 3
IMT-0400 Technology Asset Management
Includes records relating to hardware, software, licenses, devices, computers, servers, inventories and other assets including computers, routers, peripherals and accessories.
Originating Disposition of Asset 3 Destroy
IMT-0500 Systems Monitoring

Includes audit logs or other automated system logs for monitoring system performance, including transaction logs, router logs, server errors or access logs.   

Excludes copies of log files needed to support investigations or incidents - See IMT-0600.

Originating Superseded

30-60-90 Days depending on the system.

Consult with CCS/IT for details.

IMT-0600 Incidents, Investigations (Information) Includes records related to incidents, investigations, complaints or inquiries related to university records or information. 
Originating File Closed
Under Review Destroy
IMT-0700 Library Management Includes records related to the TMU Library. Library File Closed Under Review Destroy
IMT-0800 Records and Information Management Includes records classification, retention schedule, records inventories and destructions.    Originating File Closed
Under Review Destroy
IMT-0900 Software and Applications Management
Includes records related to software and applications development, acquisition, changes, testing and deployment. Originating Superseded
3 Destroy
IMT-1000 Telecommunications and Networks Includes records related to cabling and network services. Originating Superseded 3 Destroy
RES-0100 Intellectual Property

Includes records related to university created intellectual property (i.e. inventions, patents, copyright, trademarks etc.).  Records may include invention disclosures, waiver agreements, licenses; assignments market assessments, commercialization plans and other related documents.

Excludes intellectual property belonging to researchers

Legal Services
RES-0200 Partnerships and Collaboration (Projects and Programs)
Includes records related to University level research agreements and partnerships.  Records may include committee meetings for Collaborative Projects, exchange agreements, internationally funded partnerships, research agreements, RFPs for collaborative projects for both funded and unfunded projects.   Originating Completion 7 Destroy
RES-0300 Research Applications and Proposals Includes records relating to unsuccessful proposals for research project funding. Originating Completion 3 Destroy
RES-0400 Research Projects

Includes capacity-building initiatives, clinical trials, faculty grant proposals, research funding, post doc programs, research grant applications, research integrity, planning, ethics, exchange student research, thesis research.  Includes information regarding the funding, subject and monitoring of research projects as well as any agreements with researchers. The actual research content is excluded as specified under other agreements.

Excludes Research Ethics - See RES-0500.

Originating Completion 7 Destroy
RES-0500 Research Ethics Includes records related to the management of research ethics and Tri-Council, Research Ethics Board (REB).
Originating Completion Destroy
STU-0100 Academic Records

Includes admissions, decision worksheets, enrolment, registration, courses, grades, transcripts, transfer credits, academic standing records, official letters, contact information, graduation audits, discipline and academic appeal decisions, program changes for matriculated students.

Note: Supporting information is destroyed after 10 years.

Registrar     Permanent
STU-0200 Admissions and Applicants (Unsuccessful)

Includes records and all submissions, materials, and supporting documentation for applicants that are not admitted.

Note: For applicants that are accepted, admissions information is transferred to their Academic Record.

Registrar Completion 2 Destroy

Student Discipline and Appeals

Includes records relating to academic and non-academic conduct where there is a finding. Records may include occurrence reports, probation records, warnings, appeal notices and decisions, and any relevant supporting documentation. (May be relevant to Policy 168, 170(a),  170(c), 60 and 61).

Notes: Where there is no finding, records will be destroyed after 1 year pursuant to  FIPPA. Decisions affecting Academic Records will be filed with Academic Records.  Originating department is responsible for maintaining official records, other copies should be destroyed following the decision.

Originating Completion
10 Destroy

Financial Assistance (Students)

Includes financial aid, scholarships, and award contracts maintained by the University.

Excludes Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) records which are transferred to the Ministry of Colleges and Universities after 3 years.  The Ministry retains these records for 20 years. 

Originating Completion 7 Destroy
STU-0500 Internships (Placements)

Includes clinical placements, co-op programs, experiential learning, internship applications, placements, incidents, preceptor evaluations, provisional contracts, WSIB incident reports.

Excludes Agreements with Centers - See ADM-0200.

Completion 7 Destroy
STU-0600 Recruitment (of Students)

Includes records relating to recruiting activities such as open houses, tours, information campaigns, events, meetings, webinars, fairs and functions. Records may include correspondence, planning, schedules and records used to track potential applicants.

Excludes Prospective Students specific information - See STU-1100


File Closed



STU-0700 Academic Accommodation Support Includes academic accommodation and related supports for eligible students with disabilities. Originating
File Closed
10 Destroy
STU-0800 Student Affairs and Support Services Includes administration of a variety of student learning and support programs.  Records relating to academic advising, employment and careers, exchange students, international students, diversity and inclusion, Ontario Visiting Graduate Students (OVGS), orientation, student groups, writing and learning skills.


File Closed



STU-0900 General Communications (with Students)

Includes general inquiries, matters, issues, transcript requests or similar operational records, which must be retained for a minimum of 1 year pursuant to FIPPA.

Excludes records related to discipline, appeals or misconduct, see STU-0300.

Originating File Closed 1 Destroy
STU-1000 Faculty or Department Student Files

Includes Student files maintained within the departments or faculties, includes local matter files where content is not duplicated elsewhere, i.e. faculty or department holds original records. Where records originate or are maintained by Registrar, local copies should be destroyed after 7 years.

Excludes records related to discipline, appeals or misconduct - See STU-0300.

Originating File Closed
7 Destroy

Prospective Students

Records of potential applicants for admission to the University's undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education programs.

Note: For prospective students or applicants that are accepted, admissions information is transferred to their Academic Record.

Originating Completion 2 Destroy
TEA-0100 Accreditation Includes Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB) or other programs requiring or seeking accreditation.  Originating Completion 10 Archives
TEA-0200 Courses and Curriculum Includes course listings and descriptions.  Originating Completion 10 Archives
TEA-0300 Student Assignments and Examinations   Includes student submitted exams, quizzes, assignments, paper, thesises, defenses, and other student works. Originating End Year Academic 1 Destroy
TEA-0400 Periodic Program Reviews (PPRs)

Includes Academic Program Planning, audits and reviews which are conducted within 8 years of the cyclical review.

Note: Senate to retain current and one previous version of PPR, earlier versions to be sent to the Archives after completion of the latest review.

Originating End Year Academic
7 Archives
TEA-0500 Scheduling and Enrolments Includes course calendars, schedules and timetables, faculty loadings, and workload analysis for course loadings. Originating End Year Academic 7 Destroy
TEA-0600 Student Evaluation Management Includes grade calculation sheets and worksheets. Originating End Year Academic 5 Destroy