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Records Management

The Records Management Team is responsible for developing, implementing and supporting records management at TMU.  

We do this through the development, implementation and maintenance of a Records Management Policy, Functional Records Classification SystemRecords Retention Schedule (RRS)Processes and Tools for managing information and consulting with and advising Faculty and Staff as needs arise. 

Records management is one component of the University's Information Governance Program which includes legal and risk management, information privacy and access, information security, records management and policy management. 

Contact us at for advice on managing records in different media including paper, electronic and email in your office.

Records Management Training and Advice

If you want to learn how to more effectively manage records including paper, electronic and email at the Unversity please contact for advice.  Key advice and messages include recordkeeping requirements, and how to manage records in compliance with TMU's Records Retention Schedule (RRS) through their life cycle. 

Records Management Policy & Procedure

TMU's Records Management Policy and Record's Management Procedure provides the guiding principles by which the University manages its information assets.   

Recordkeeping Amendments to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act ("FIPPA")

effective January 1, 2016

The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act ("FIPPA") was amended to ensure that institutions have measures in place to preserve records.  The University does have measures in place; namely, a Records Management Policy, Procedure and Records Retention Schedule.

Please note, it is now an offence to alter, conceal or destroy a record with the intent of denying a right of access to the record.  Intentional destruction of institutional records may result in a fine and legal proceedings.

The following resources are available to assist you with your records management:

  1. Ontario’s Information and Privacy Commissioner’s IPC Digest, “FIPPA and MFIPPA: The Recordkeeping Amendments (external link) ”;
  2. GCBS’ “ (PDF file) NEW: FIPPA Amendments (2014) Require Good Records Management Practices – Guidance for Faculty and Staff ;
  3. The University’s Records Management PolicyProcedure and Records Retention Schedule (RRS); and,
  4. GCBS’ Records Management Workshops to get practical advice on building records management into your administrative practices.

Please contact or for advice.