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Formal access to information requests made pursuant to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (external link)  (FIPPA) will be processed within 30 calendar days from the time the Privacy Office receives the request form and application fee. 

To submit a formal access to information request, please see the link below:

Once the University completes processing your request, a decision letter will be provided to you informing you of the following: 

  • The University’s disclosure decision
  • Types of access (full, partial or no disclosure) to the records, including any FIPPA exemptions applied
  • Any additional fee(s) to be paid before access is granted (if applicable). For details please follow the link below

In some cases, it may be necessary to extend the time limit beyond 30 days where:

  • There is a large number of records to search through; 
  • There is a large number of records responsive to your request; or 
  • If third parties are affected

You will be notified of any revisions to the response time.

Responsive records disclosed to requesters will be made available through secure means, and not through email communication. 

If you request access to records containing personal information about yourself, the University may ask you to show one piece of photo ID before the responsive records are disclosed to you to ensure privacy protection protocols are followed.

Other types of requests:

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