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Master of Arts

The Master of Arts in Fashion is the only graduate program of its kind in Canada. MA Fashion is an interdisciplinary program, and we encourage applicants to apply from academic backgrounds in fine arts, humanities, social sciences, design and business. This program does not require prior fashion industry knowledge.

Curriculum Overview

Our MA Fashion program takes a critically informed approach to fashion studies by examining the broader social, cultural and economic implications of the production, promotion and consumption of fashion.

Throughout the program, students develop advanced research skills and work closely with subject matter experts to complete a written or creative Major Research Project (MRP). The MA degree is earned after the completion of coursework and the MRP.

Visit the Current Students page to get an overview of the program. Visit the 2021-2022 Graduate Calendar, opens in new window for course descriptions, current offerings and any additional information. 

Degree Earned:

Master of Arts


Full-time/Five-term program

Alysia Myette

Alysia Myette, external link, opens in new window
Class of 2019

“There are no limits to what your research in fashion studies can look like, so always think outside the box and dream big.”


Romana Mirza

Romana Mirza, external link
Class of 2019

“Use every single facility the university provides to help you through the program. This is a highly supportive environment, utilize it to the max.”

Parker O'Connor

Parker O’Connor, external link
Class of 2019

Parker is interested in the experiential design and scenography of the world around us.

Laurence Fortin-Côté

Laurence Fortin-Côté, external link
Class of 2019

“Stay proactive and always seek opportunities. The MA Fashion program is a great way to find your place in the wide world of fashion and to give you the right tools to succeed in any area you wish to pursue.”

During the program, you have access to mentorship, advanced technology, entrepreneurial, research and creative support.

Fashion Research Collection (FRC) contains 3000+ garments and accessories dating back to 1820. The Collection includes garments from Balenciaga, Dior, Valentino, Wayne Clarke and more.                                                                                                                   

Fashion Studies is an open-access, academic journal in fashion that celebrates multiple ways of knowing and sharing knowledge. Fashion Studies is available to all at no cost to readers or authors.

The Centre for Fashion & Systemic Change (CFSC) supports research and knowledge exchange that cultivates inclusion, decolonization, and sustainability in the field of Fashion Studies and the fashion system more broadly.

The Catalyst is the first large-scale space dedicated to scholarly, research and creative activities within the Faculty of Communication & Design.                                                                     

MA Candidates will have the opportunity to work closely with faculty members in the program. In first year, start of second semester candidates are assigned a supervisor for their MRP based on their research and/or creative interests.

If you are interested in finding out more about teaching faculty mentioned above, please visit: 

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