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Chemistry and Biology current undergraduates supporting each other in class lab.

In university, you’re starting something new — with lots of exciting opportunities, but also plenty of unfamiliar challenges and responsibilities. Within the department and university, you can access resources and support to make a successful transition. Check out what’s available, and reach out any time you have questions or need help.

Navigate your university experience

Learn about Toronto Metropolitan's resources, supports and services, and how to access them.

General Questions and Support

Contact us by  416-979-5313 or  email for all general questions or inquiries. Such inquiries could include:

  • Academic advice
  • Course equivalence
  • Awards/scholarships
  • Adding/Dropping courses
  • Co-op program
  • TA/GA opportunities
  • Course offerings
  • Lockers
  • General Inquiries

Program Directors

For matters pertaining to:

  • Appeals
  • Reinstatement applications
  • Fresh start applications
  • Probationary contracts
  • Curriculum advising
Biology (Last name A-L)


Supporting students with last names starting from A-L

Biology (Last name M-Z)

Dr. Vadim Bostan

Supporting students with last names starting from M-Z

Biomedical Sciences

Dr. Joseph McPhee

Supporting all biomedical students


Dr. Stephen Wylie

Supporting all chemistry students

Academic & Career Support

First Year Science Office

At First Year Science (FYS), you can get help on academic matters such as how to add/drop courses, transferring, curriculum advising, etc. The office can also point you to other resources/support to manage the challenges of first year, including peer mentors who know the ropes of university life.  

Student Learning Support

Build study strategies that can help boost your academic performance. Student Life & Learning Support provides workshops, coaching, group study, tutoring matchups, and support for writing, ESL and math skills. There’s also a program available specifically for first year students.  

Career Development

Get help to plan your career path. Through the Career & Co-op Centre, you can access science-specific counselling, and a variety of career development tools and job search skills workshops. Don’t forget to check out the job fairs and networking events.

Non-Academic Support

Health and Wellness

Taking care of yourself physically and mentally is an important part of supporting academic success. You can access medical care, psychological counselling, an emergency crisis line, and more. Check out the range of available services through Student Wellbeing.


Learn to build your resilience, boost your wellness and tap the benefits of positive psychology. ThriveTMU provides the training and resources to help you do so— academically and personally. Check out tips, workbooks, programs and more.

International Student Support

As a student studying in Canada on a study permit, you may encounter unique challenges and questions. Are you allowed to work part-time? What if you need medical service? Where can you get help with immigration matters? International Student Support can provide direction on these matters and more.  

“One big thing here at [TMU] : the student support is fantastic. From academic accommodation to study groups, the library, and so many resources. If you’re feeling stressed or falling behind, definitely reach out. We're going to help you succeed.”

Sarah Sabatinos, Associate Professor
Dr. Sarah Sabatinos