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Awards & Financial Support

Women at podium with Student Awards sign in the background.

As you move through your academic program, you may qualify for awards of assistance to help with financial costs. Check out some of the available sources below.  

Scholarships & Awards

Hundreds of scholarships and awards are offered at the departmental and university level. Many of them recognize academic performance, but there are many more for research contributions, leadership, extracurricular achievements, equity groups and more. The AwardSpring platform lets you search and browse. Apply each year and you’ll automatically be matched to awards that you may qualify for.  


If you ever face an unplanned financial emergency, you may have a one-time bursary, with no requirement to repay. For more information, visit Student Financial Assistance. If you’re a visa student, visit International Student Support.  

Student Loans

If you need a loan to finance your education, you may qualify for a repayable loan, such as OSAP for Ontario students. If you’re applying from another provider or the United States, other governmental loan programs exist.  

Event & Project Funding

The Department of Chemistry and Biology, the Faculty of Science as well as the Undergraduate Science Society of Toronto Metropolitan (external link)  reserve funds to help students take part in special events — from conferences and competitions, to events and projects, or even research expeditions and foreign exchanges.

Part-Time Employment

Career Boost is a work-study program that lets you gain experience part-time and get paid in various positions within the university. Summer Research Assistant positions are also available. You can also access job search tools, skills workshops and job boards. Check it out at the Career & Co-op Centre.