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Admission Requirements

Chemistry and Biology graduate student working at a desk in the MaRS lab.

Thank you for your interest in our graduate programs at Toronto Metropolitan University. To be considered, applicants must meet the requirements listed below. As the program is competitive, it is not possible to offer admission to everyone who applies and meets minimum entrance requirements. However, your chances of admission will be improved if your application identifies prospective supervisors whose research interests align well with your own research experience and interest.

If you’d like to learn more about a faculty member’s research, or determine if they are accepting new graduate students, you are welcome to contact faculty members prior to applying. But please note that faculty members cannot offer you a position nor commit to supervising you until after you have submitted your complete application and have been deemed admissible by the admissions committee.  

MSc Admission Requirements

  • Degree: Completed Bachelor of Science degree in Biological, Biochemical or Chemical Science
  • Minimum GPA: 3.00(B) average overall, and 3.33(B+) average in the last two years of study
  • Letters of Recommendation: Two required, from former instructors or research supervisors who are familiar with your research
  • Program specific documents (see below)  

PhD Admission Requirements

  • Degree: Completed Master of Science degree in molecular science or related discipline
  • Minimum GPA: 3.67 (A-)
  • Letters of Recommendation: Three required, from academic referees who can judge the candidate's potential to engage in research at the doctoral level
  • Evidence of Research Potential: master’s thesis, or publication in a refereed journal or conference proceeding
  • Program specific documents (see below)  

PhD (for students transferring from Toronto Metropolitan's Molecular Science Master's program)

  • Degree: Completed three graduate courses and at least 12, but no more than 18 months of the master’s program, from date of first registration. 
  • Minimum GPA: Overall average 3.67(A-) on three graduate courses, plus satisfactory performance in the seminar course, including first presentation
  • Research Progress Meeting: Minimum of one meeting completed with a supervisory committee. Student must achieve a status of “satisfactory” at the last meeting before applying for the transfer exam. The committee must also certify that the student is exhibiting exceptional promise in their research.
  • Program specific documents (see below)

Program Specific Documents

  • Statement of Interest: 500-1000 words, and must include:
    • For domestic applicants (Canadian citizens or landed immigrants), please list in the top left-hand corner of the page a maximum of three (3) Molecular Science faculty as potential supervisors.
    • For International MSc and PhD applicants, include the name of the supervisor with whom you have been in contact. International applications without prior discussion with a prospective supervisor may not be considered.
    • Your reasons for pursuing graduate study in Molecular Science at Toronto Metropolitan University
    • The field of study that you would like to pursue in a master's thesis or doctoral dissertation
    • Outline of your previous studies and research experience, and how they have prepared you for the Molecular Science program.
  • Resumé/CV: Including education, experience, posters, publications, scholarships, awards and extracurricular activities
  • Transcripts
  • English Language Proficiency (if required)

More Questions?

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