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Course Offerings

Fall 2023 Course Offerings

Course Code and Title Instructor Schedule Location
MS8107 Molecular Virology Dr. Mario Estable Monday 3-6pm VIC 206
MS8117 Molecular Ecology Dr. Janet Koprivnikar Tuesday 8-11am POD 361
MS8114 Glycobiology Dr. Dustin Little Tuesday 3-6pm TRS 1077
MS8112 Molecular Machines of the Cell Dr. Roberto Botelho Wednesday 12-3pm VIC 500
MS8104 Interfacial Phenomena Dr. Dérick Rousseau Wednesday 3-6pm VIC 202

MS8103 Genomics and Proteomics
Dr. Jeffrey Fillingham Thursday 3-6pm VIC 110
Seminar Dr. Sarah Sabatinos Friday 10am-1pm ENG 102

Winter 2024 Course Offerings (To Be Confirmed)

Course Code and Title Instructor Schedule Location
MS8102 Advanced Microscopy and Imaging Dr. Mattiazzi Usaj Monday 1-3pm VIC 500
MS8108 Advanced Structure Determination Dr. Stefania Impellizzeri Monday 3-6pm VIC 104
MS8116 Meta-analysis for Scientists Dr. Lesley Campbell Wednesday 12-3pm VIC 304
MS 8111 Experimental Design and Statistical Analysis  Dr. Bruno Travassos de Britto Wednesday 3-6pm VIC 304
MS8110 Advanced Organometallics Dr. Robert Gossage Thursday 8-11am VIC 304


 Note: The Graduate Program Office will enrol students in the appropriate Seminar Course as indicated below.

  • MSc 1st Year: MS8201
  • MSc 2nd Year: MS8202
  • PhD Each Year: MS9201

*Please remember that you can only take one cross listed course in your program. Cross listed courses are graduate courses that are exactly the same an an undergraduate course.

Cross listed Courses in Molecular Science are:

  • MS8114 Glycobiology
  • MS8103 Genomics Proteomics

All forms can be found on Forms and Guidelines and deadlines on YSGPS Significant Dates.

Contact Sarah Kovacs, if you have any questions or concerns.